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3D Horse Games

Rate this Article With the advances in technology 3D Horse Games are getting even better, and here we will discuss what makes them so appealing and present a few examples of these stunning games. Horse Games Online - 3D Horse Games

Horse games have always been popular, and there is a rise in the creation of amazing 3D games. While they may cover different aspects of horses, from racing or eventing to the management of stables, they all share something in common. Making beautiful horses that we can own and look after.

These new games give us a fantastic opportunity to groom, train and ride amazing horses in some beautiful places, as well as compete in competitions with them. Often using very realistic horses and movements these games bring the wonderful world of horses into our homes.

While some of these games you may need to download or sometimes pay for, they are worth the effort to install. Once you begin to play you are immersed into wonderful worlds with excitement and fun to be found around every corner.

You will find below a few of the 3D Horse Games that you are able to play, each of them has something unique that makes them stand out, and we hope that here you will find a game that you enjoy as much as we have.

A Virtual Horse is wonderful game that combines the management of a stable with the ability to create a series of businesses and build your own small town. As well as managing your stables you can find materials to collect and upgrade your buildings. Doing so will enable you to own some amazing real and fantastical horses.

Riding Club is an amazing game that gives you the ability to look after your own horse as well as take them through fun or competitive jumping courses. You can also create your own courses and play those made by your friends and other players. Here you ride your horse through the events yourself as well as directly caring for them.

Horse Eventing 3 is a unique game in that it can be played directly on this website without the need for a download or Facebook. With fun challenges such as herding as well as jumping or racing events. Though a relatively simple game there is so much fun that you can have here.

Ride: Equestrian Simulation is a beautiful game where you can pick from one of three disciplines and then train both yourself and your horse. By riding your horse you can earn points to spend in their skills to help them become faster or stronger jumpers. With amazing and direct control of your horses this game truly takes you into the action.

Star Stable is a stunning fantasy adventure where you are able to explore an entire world, collect magical horses and meet lots of other people. There is a compelling story for you to play through and lots for you to be able to enjoy. As well as exploring you can look after your horse and ride through some stunning scenery.

My Horse allows you to experience the world of show jumping from the riders perspective. You can care for your horses, as well as those of your friends and then enter them into competitions where you get to do the riding. With stunning graphics and a fun social gameplay this game has a lot to offer.

There are ever more amazing games being developed and the future for riding games is a bright one. There is something special about owning these horses presented in such fantastic 3D, and riding them is just pure joy. We hope you are inspired to try one of these amazing games, and that you have lots of fun while you are there.

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