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4 More Great Horse Games for Android

Rate this Article Here are four more excellent games that you should add to your Games folder in your Android mobile device. Horse Games Online - 4 More Great Horse Games for Android

Here are four more excellent games that you should add to your Games folder in your Android mobile device. Let’s go over them one by one.

Horse Academy 3D

If you’re the competitive type, Horse Academy 3D is definitely the best Android horse game for you!

In here, your focus is to train yourself and your horse to be competitive against real players. There are a variety of events that you can train and compete in, so there’s no end to the activities that you can do in this amazing horse game. You can even communicate with other players and make friends.

Best thing is - you can take care of as many horses as you like, so that, while one horse is resting, the others can take a shot at competing as well.

HorseWorld 3D

HorseWorld 3D puts you in a very engaging and visually appealing world where you can be your own trainer, jockey and over-all equine expert.

In addition to maintaining your equestrian center and your hosts of racing thoroughbreds, you also get to take them out to the field and break them in. You can ride in preset tracks, each of which are of a unique layout or design so that training your horse doesn’t have to feel monotonous.

If you feel like your and your horse are both ready, you can go for “real” reading on the virtual world’s picturesque countryside. Just like riding trails in the real world, riding in the countryside come with its own set of difficulties and challenges in traversing terrain.


Simplicity is beauty, and Howrse is a testament to that. It’s a very straightforward, 2-dimensional horse simulator, but its simplicity belies a very comprehensive experience for the player.

You start off by choosing your horse, and then you get to take care of it. In addition to that, you will also be in charge of cleaning up and organizing your horse stables. You’ll also have to eke out a living by doing quests and taking on jobs for the people in the community. These activities will help you earn Equus, the game’s currency, which you can use to beautify your stables.

You can exercise a lot of creativity in this game, as you totally have the power to change the layout and appearance of your horse’s stables!

Horse Haven World Adventures

This game is more than just horses; it’s an entire farm unto itself!

In addition to training and signing your horses up for an event, Horse Haven World Adventures lets you support your equines in their needs by managing a farm! You’re given your aunt’s nearly dilapidated farm, and it’s your job to improve it so it can be restored to its former glory. To do that, you’ll have to be more than just a horse trainer - you’ll have to be a very financial manager and businessman!

Best of all, these games can be played 100% for free so give them a try now!

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