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5 Amazing Horse Breeds in Star Stable

Rate this Article What are the five breeds that you should consider taking care of in Star Stable? Horse Games Online - 5 Amazing Horse Breeds in Star Stable

Star Stable is one of the best horse breeding games in the Internet. It has great graphics and a challenging system through which people can learn how to breed a virtual horse. Speaking of which, one has to first select a horse that he or she will be taking care of throughout the time that they are playing the game.

Some people will want to take just any horse that they see. That’s not bad, since this is a virtual world where anything goes. However, it would be great if they are able to select the horses that are right for their goals and their intentions for the horse in the game.

Here are five breeds that players could think about taking care of in Star Stable.

First in line is the English thoroughbred. The horse is widely preferred because of its heritage, as it is bred from the Arabian stallions. In fact, the English thoroughbred is directly related to the American thoroughbreds as their ancestors were bred from English thoroughbreds imported from England. In the game, choosing to take care of an English thoroughbred gives you a horse that has +3 Agility, +2 in Discipline and +1 in Strength.

The second breed players could consider is the Dutch Warmblood. If you’re interested in a horse that can compete in the events of dressage, jumping, and driving, then this is the breed for you. This horse breed has an excellent temperament, and is very adaptable making it very easy to train for your purposes. Although Dutch Warmblood breeding in modern times continue to mix the original stock with horses from England, France and Germany, there is a focus in retaining the horse’s special qualities.

A Dutch Warmblood in Star Stable has +3 in Strength and +2 in both Agility and Speed.

The third horse is quite a handful to train, but is also very loyal. That’s the reason why the Akhal-Teke is termed as a “one rider” horse – once broken to its trainer or rider, the horse will not obey any other person who will attempt to mount him or her. Lore says that the breed has existed for more than 3,000 years already, but that could be hearsay. An Akhal Teke’s stats in Star Stable include +3 in Agility, +1 in Strength and +2 in Speed.

The Oldenburg is perfect for people who want to breed a horse specifically for competing. Originally a German breed intended for pulling carriages, the Oldenburg has since evolved into a breed that is excellent for competing in international equestrian events. Carriages are rarely used nowadays, after all, and the breed has to have a purpose. In Star Stable, an Oldenburg will have +2 to its Strength, +2 in Discipline and +2 to its Agility.

Finally, players can also consider the Friesian Horse. Like the Akhal-Teke, the breed is thought to have existed for thousands of years now. It became popular during the Middle Ages for its strength and endurance for, at that time, the breed was cultivated for use by armored knights in war. The Friesian Horse in Star Stable gives bonuses of +3 to the horse’s Strength, +2 to Discipline and +2 to its Agility.

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