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5 Horse Games for Boys

Rate this Article There are a few horse games that are aimed for a more male audience, and in this article we will discuss why and bring you a few games. Horse Games Online - 5 Horse Games for Boys

There's no arguing against the fact that the genre of horse games is one of the biggest out there as it consists of multitudes of unique and exciting games. In this article we'll be talking about some of the finest horse games that have been targeted towards boys.

Something that's perhaps common in most horse games of this kind is that they're often filled with quite a lot of competitive elements. There are a lot of events and competitions that players can participate in to show off their skills to the crowd and demonstrate how well they've managed to train their horse in various kinds of disciplines. These events add a lot of depth to the game and are a great fit alongside the usual features such as exploration, customization and such.

Of course one of the prime requirements for a horse game to be considered good is that it has to look the part. A properly executed game should have highly detailed horses, gorgeous environments full of bright colors and they must be fluid in terms of animations as well. If a game can manage to get all these things right then it certainly qualifies as top tier.

Ride: Equestrian Simulation is basically the full package when it comes to horse games for boys. You get to train your horse in one of three different disciplines and then enter it in events accordingly. You can practice to hone your skills and then display your skills at events such as cross country or show jumping with massive crowds cheering you on.

Hooves of Fire is a horse racing game but it isn't your traditional kind of game in which you simply bet on a horse and watch it perform. You can actually breed horses for a chance to improve their bloodline and get better performing breeds. There are multiple different races to participate in and each race comes with some pretty massive prizes to win.

Blazing Silks. Is a phenomenal racing game in which you can train your horses in areas where they're lackluster but what's unique is that you can actually manage their attributes and increase those that you feel would provide the best increase to performance in races. Play against live players in fast-paced races in this full-fledged experience.

Riding Club Championships is quite similar to Ride: Equestrian Simulation in the sense that it emphasizes a lot on competitive elements. You can train your horses to an extensive degree to make sure that they can give good performances when it counts. The tracks of this game are without a doubt some of the best out there and there are various events such as show jumping to participate in.

Although it might not be as focused on competition and events as some of the games mentioned before it, Howrse is still a top tier game. You get to run your very own equestrian center, breed and raise gorgeous horses and even get a job which will help you get the currency necessary to buy various kinds of helpful things for your center.

Overall, there's a pretty long list of horse games that are aimed at boys but the ones mentioned in this article the ones that provided us with long durations of enjoyment so we definitely recommend that you try them out for yourself to see all the great times they have to offer.

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