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5 Horse Games for Girls

Rate this Article The games that we are writing about today are all great, and they each have something a little special for a more female audience. Horse Games Online - 5 Horse Games for Girls

The genre of horse games is one that seems to have something for everyone. In this article we'll be talking about some horse games that have been catered appeal to girls and we'll also be discussing what makes them worth playing.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of these horse games is the fact that they look really appealing in terms of all visual aspects. The game world is often massive and full of detail, the horses look incredible and lifelike and alongside this there's a pretty high amount of customization options for your horse so overall, any good horse game that is targeted towards a female audience usually looks absolutely gorgeous.

Moving further, just looking the part won't do on its own, the games must play nicely as well. Any horse game worth its salt will allow players to get on their horse and explore the game world in all its beauty, if the game is online you can even meet some new friends and go on cool journeys together. The gameplay should also consist of a few competitive elements as well to keep things interesting and give the game a bit of extra longevity. The following games are those that fit the above criteria nicely and are a delight to play.

Bella Sara is a beautiful game that's full of amazing and majestic horses that are a breathtaking sight. The best part about this game is that it gives players their very own cottage and allows them to customize and decorate it according to their likings. Alongside this, it has all the other features that make horse games so great such as hopping on the back of your horse to go out and explore the world.

Star Stable can simply be thought of as one of the most complete horse games out there so it can appeal to pretty much any kind of audience. Set in the beautiful world of Jorvik, there's just a ton of stuff for players to do in this game such as exploration, competitive events and of course horse customization so it's definitely worth anyone's while.

As the name already implies, Club Pony Pals allows players to own and raise their very own pony. There's an immense variety of options that can be utilized to customize your pony according to your preferences but with that there are tons of different mini-games to play and friends to make so overall it's a really addictive game that keeps getting more fun the more you play it.

PoneyVallee is one of those horse games that follows a distinct art style. Instead of just raising regular horses, you'll instead have the opportunity to raise and play with magnificent and magical ponies that look absolutely beautiful. You can customize your ponies to an extensive degree, choose their colors and even hand them unique items that can alter the gameplay in many ways.

While Horse World is a game that's filled with many different events and competitions, it provides a laidback experience overall so it caters towards all kinds of players. You have control of many different horses and can train them in many different ways so that they can be entered in events and even potentially win them. The game's also fully online which means you can share your achievements and accomplishments with your friends.

Overall, the horse games mentioned above are awesome for girls who'd like to get into the genre due to many different reasons alongside the ones talked about above. Needless to say, we recommend trying at least one or two of these out to see for yourself all the fun and enjoyment they have to offer.

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