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5 Qualities of the Ideal MMORPG Mount

Rate this Article Think about your favorite MMO or any open-world multiplayer game. Isn’t it always so troublesome how far points of interest are on the map? Mounts are here to solve such a problem, let’s discuss what we think are the best traits these could have. Horse Games Online - 5 Qualities of the Ideal MMORPG Mount

Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games are a genre loved by many. A lot of people log in to a server on a daily basis, and because of the nature of this type of title, it features expansive open worlds. These are filled with unique kinds of locations like dungeons, towns, and secret areas. Due to its large scale, it is most of the time a pain to traverse or navigate. This is where mounts come into play. Their purpose is to be a quality of life feature improving travel, and they sometimes provide other benefits as well. Today we will discuss what we think are the perfect characteristics an item of this kind should have in an MMORPG.


Speed is an important factor in mounts

Getting to a specific location quickly is the core function of any mount in a game. It is a vehicle that allows you to be transported conveniently between points. It has to be balanced properly, and it can’t be too fast or slow, it needs to be just right for it to be of use while maintaining the epic scale the world has. It is a shame if most of the map, which is lovingly crafted by the developers down to the tiniest detail, will be ignored because you are whisked instantaneously to your destination.


Functionality, like carrying items, is a crucial part as well

The purpose of a mount is to be a quality of life feature, and it exists to assist the player, to improve the time spent inside the game. Now it will be great if it offers other functions, like having a special move set to traverse different terrain, carry more items, or provide unique buffs in specific areas.


Aesthetics - mounts have to look good

To be functional and fast is good, but sometimes players just want to look amazing. A simple horse is okay and all but imagine riding a dragon, a robot, or a futuristic car, nothing beats the rule of cool. You would be seeing the thing on your screen for most of the duration of your travels, and it should at least be appealing to the eyes, right?


Rarity - we'd like to show off a pretty rare mount, right

Another factor that could be important when conceptualizing the perfect mount is its rarity. It won’t be satisfying if everyone can get a high-quality ride so easily. There should be different tiers that come with perks for each level. It is also a good incentive for players to keep playing. A clear and useful goal such as this will be a very important part of any MMO.


Theme - there should be a wide selection of mounts with different themes

A good mount should fit the narrative feel of the game they are set in. It can be as bizarre or as boring as possible, but it still must consistently follow the rules of the world. It won’t do if the theme is disturbed, a car would not be a proper fit in a fantasy setting. This last one isn’t as impactful as the first four but it is still a substantial factor as it can affect everyone’s immersion in the game and some players value that above all else.

So these are the five things we deemed important to be considered in making the perfect mount for MMORPGs. Great examples that exhibit one or more factors are those found in FFXIV, Guild Wars 2, and World of Warcraft. What do you guys think?

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