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A Simple Guide for New Players in Howrse – Part 1

Rate this Article Howrse is a game that’s a delight to play but it can definitely feel a little intimidating for newcomers so, in this article series, we’ll be walking you through all you need to know to play proficiently. Horse Games Online - A Simple Guide for New Players in Howrse – Part 1

First and foremost is the game’s registration section. Although most people simply breeze through the registration section without paying much notice to most of the options, you should certainly avoid doing so. In the registration section you’ll actually have the option of picking the breed of our first horse and we certainly recommend doing some research on the specifics of breeds and their coat colors before you make this choice to ensure that you start off strong. One little known tip that may help you is that the international server of Howrse actually has the largest variety of horses for newcomers to choose from so, if you can’t seem to find the breed that you’re looking for then we recommend checking out the international server.

Once you’ve registered and entered the game, next up will be taking care of your very first foal. This is where the game’s tutorial will come up and explain the basic aspects of plying the game and it’ll do so through a series of quests. These quests are optional but we highly recommend playing through each and every one of them because they actually give rare items upon completion as well as the in-game currency of equus.

Most of the quest in the tutorial are fairly straightforward and, not only will they teach you the essential aspects of the game, they’ll kick-start your journey by providing various worthwhile rewards. Alongside all this, the great thing about these quests is the fact that they aren’t time consuming at all even though a lot of tutorials in most run-of-the-mill horse games games tend to be fairly slow which is why you’ll be able to breeze through pretty much every single quest within mere minutes.

Upon going through the tutorial and completing all of the tasks that it assigns, you’ll finally be able to take on your first job in Howrse and, in this job, you’ll play the role of a Groom at an Equestrian Center. Your goal as the groom is to care for horses and it’s important to keep in mind that, when picking your first job, keep browsing until you’ve found one with at least 50 equus as the salary. A lot of players often rush into the first job and accept a significantly lower salary than this even though they could easily find a much better salary after just a bit of additional browsing.

All things considered, Howrse is a horse game that can certainly take a while to master as there’s so much to do and learn in the game but, as long as you keep the aforementioned tips in mind, you should be off to a solid start. There’s still a lot left to teach about this exceptional game, though, and we’ll be going into further details in future articles of this series.

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