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A Simple Guide for New Players in Howrse – Part 2

Rate this Article In our last guide, we covered all the fundamentals of Howrse up to getting your first job and, in this article, we’ll be taking you several steps further. Horse Games Online - A Simple Guide for New Players in Howrse – Part 2

Given how feature filled Howrse is, it can certainly feel a bit intimidating to newcomers. The first part of our guide was focused on helping players get a hang of the game’s fundamentals up until their very first job and, in this part, we’ll be going a bit further into some of the more advanced parts of the game.

Once you’ve gotten a job in Howrse and have that aspect of the game sorted out, you’ll have to help your foal gain some skills and the process of doing so consists of going through foal games that’ll enhance your foal’s skills depending on how well you execute the process. It’s worth mentioning that there’s no set in stone way of doing these and different players have their own approach so it’s worth checking out several different approaches to see which one suits your preferences the most. It’s definitely recommended that you do thorough research before doing these because, when executed properly, foal games can provide your foal with a skill gain of 60 which is absolutely massive.

Your next step in Howrse should be aging your horse and the easiest way of doing so is through an aging point. By utilizing an aging point, you’ll immediately be able to age your horse by two months and, after reaching an age of 1 year and 8 months, your horse will finally be able to take part in rides and there are several other milestones after this as well such as the ability to begin training at 2 years and, of course, the ability to enter competition once a horse is 3 years old. Aging is an essential part of the game that you should pay close attention to if you want to make the most out of your experience.

Of course the primary objective of a lot of players is to make their horse ready for competition and, as mentioned earlier, this is possible when your horse is 3 years old. There are several competitions for your horse to take part in once it’s ready such as racing, show jumping, barrel racing and a couple others. One crucial piece of advice worth noting here is that you can utilize various bonus items to give your horse an edge during competitions so, before you enter a competition, keep a lookout for these items and equip them when given the chance to do so as they’ll aid your horse’s performance tremendously.

Finally, the last piece of the Howrse puzzle is breeding and, while this is possible at the age of 2 years and 6 months, it’s recommended that you avoid doing so simply because your horse reaches this age. Breeding can be a tricky aspect for many but one important thing that you’ll need to know is that it’s always best to do it when your horse has a high BLUP value. Your horse’s BLUP value increases based on how well you care for it and, if you breed horses that have a high value of this particular stat, the chances of having skilled foals becomes significantly higher.

All things considered, this concludes our guide targeted at newcomers in Howrse. As long as you keep the aforementioned tips in mind when getting the hang of things in this game, we’re certain that you’ll be off to a strong start.

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