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Beautiful Horse Games

Rate this Article Sometimes what brings you in to play a game is how great the horses look, and in this article we will bring to you our choice of the best looking games. Horse Games Online - Beautiful Horse Games

Horses are amazing animals, and they manage to be beautiful and majestic at the same time, and there are a few games that capture this spirit. It can be quite hard to do, to bring the magic of horses into your computer and there are several key things that have to be done for it to work well.

Of course the games need to be presented in 3D, but they also need to have a certain polish to them and that the horses look as real as possible. There are different ways that this can be achieved and many of the games we have for you do them in different ways. But in each of them there is a realism to the way the horses look and move that really makes them stand out.

But there needs to be an amount of realism in what they do within the game too, you can’t have a horse jumping over buildings, and the surrounds need to look as good as the horses themselves. And that is part of the key to these games, that where you are riding them and what you are doing is as close to the normal world as possible.

Blend this in with you being able to move and look after the horses in an easy way suddenly you have a place you can immerse yourself in. A horse game where you can almost feel the breath steaming from them after a long ride. That is the magic that these games can produce, that they can make you feel so close to horses. Each of these is a special place we really enjoy spending our time.

While Star Stable uses its own unique art style, the horses themselves are simply gorgeous, and the world of Jorvik that you ride around in matches them perfectly. You can also make friends and see what breeds they have in their stables as every horse here is taken from a real breed and transformed into those that you can ride.

The aim of Second Life is to be as close to the real world as possible while still letting you do pretty much anything that you want, and it does it so very well. There are stables specialising in selling horses and you can ride them to any location you want and explore some simply stunning locations. If you want a beach gallop or just finding a nice meadow to browse this is the game for you.

Ride: Equestrian Simulation Is a game that really stands out, though it has many less horse breeds than you may want the design and graphics of these creatures is one that really can not be surpassed. With a range of movement and grace that is inspiring you can ride in a variety of competitions and truly get a sense of how they perform in the real world.

The amazing Planet Horse lets you own and look after your own horses, and then take them for a ride around the world and to enter them into a variety of sporting events each of which is a test of your skill. Maneuvering your horse around and caring for them is paramount and all the time you can stare in wonder at how amazing they look.

Riding Club is a Facebook game with a difference, perhaps one of the most realistic games on any social media here you can ride a huge variety of horses in specialized showjumping courses and compete against players all over the world. With a level of difficulty to suit your mood and play style you can just sit back and enjoy the grace of this perfect riding game.

And so here we have it, our thoughts on the most beautiful horse games around, each of which you can try for yourself to see if you agree with what we think. Enjoy these stunning games and their horses for yourself and see what we mean.

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