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Bella Sara vs Star Stable

Rate this Article Bella Sara and Star Stable are two hugely popular games, but what is it about them that is so attractive, in this article we will compare them to try and find out why they are so good. Horse Games Online - Bella Sara vs Star Stable

Horse games are the kind of games that are extremely addictive and once you get into them, letting go can be an incredibly difficult task. In this article we’ll be discussing Bella Sara and Star Stable which are two hugely popular games in this genre.

It’s pretty fair to say that both these games are miles apart in their execution. Bella Sara is a game that focuses more upon magical and mythical elements as it has unique gameplay with different kinds of winged horses such as various different variations of the Pegasus. Star Stable on the other hand is a game that aims more towards mimicking reality by adding tons of different horse breeds in the game and having some great features like the ability to participate in various different kinds of events and training your horses to excel at many different skills.

The first thing to talk about regarding these games is of course about the horses in them. The unique thing about Bella Sara is the fact that all the horses of this game are based upon mythical and magical creatures which makes things really intriguing. Each horse in the game has a unique backstory and special ability of its own. Star Stable, while it doesn’t have magical horses, is great as well because it has a ton of different horse breeds and each breed excels at different things which means that players will be able to pick up horse breeds that are more according to their play-style and preferences.

Going into the gameplay, due to the vastly different settings of these games it’s only natural that the gameplay will differ a bit but overall they both manage to execute the basics quite nicely. There are a ton of things you can do in both these games for example enter competitions with your horses, explore the world on casual walks and customize your horses to an extensive degree for a truly personal experience. Other than the basics there are of course some unique aspects to each of these games for example in Star Stable you can train your horse in various different skills whereas in Bella Sara some horses actually have the ability to fly.

The best thing to note about both these games is the fact that they always give their players a fantastic sense of direction in the form of tasks or quests. Throughout your entire play-through of these games you will notice that there never truly comes a point where you’re completely idle with nothing to do as the games assign you tasks to complete for great rewards. While the concept of assigning tasks/quests is common in both games, the types of tasks that you’ll be assigned are vastly different because in Bella Sara you’ll be doing some out of the ordinary things such as going to magical places whereas in Star Stable you’ll be assigned some rather realistic tasks that are still equally as engaging

As for social aspects, it’s pretty safe to say that Bella Sara and Star Stable hit the nail on the head. Each of these games has a ton of great social interaction features such as the ability to chat with players online, add them to your friend list to play with them later on, go on rides with them and so on. There are many great social features to see in these games that certainly make your overall experience all the more delightful as you’ll have people to share it with.

In terms of visual aspects, Star Stable is set in the magnificent and massive world of Jorvik that has many splendid sights for you to see. The level of detail in this game is absolutely stunning as every single part of the world you visit seems like it has been fine-tuned to look as best as it can. Bella Sara on the other hand is set in a magical world that has some breathtaking scenery of its own to take in. There are many mystical palaces and such that you can visit on your journey that have magnificent designs and look absolutely gorgeous. Overall, while both these games obviously have a different approach to the visual outlook and theme, they both look stunning.

Overall there are a lot of good things that can be said about both these games as they have a lot to offer for their players. We at Horse Plains definitely recommend you to try these games out and see for yourself all the amazing things that they have to offer. Both games gave us a fantastic experience and we certainly hope that you have a similar one.

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