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Best Free MMO Horse Games on PC

Rate this Article Given the incredible amount of free MMO horse games available nowadays, it can be hard to sift through them all in order to find something truly worthwhile but, luckily for you, we’ve got this part covered and, in this article, we’ll be telling you about the best MMO horse games currently available.
Horse Games Online - Best Free MMO Horse Games on PC

There are lots of things that we consider when deciding whether a horse game should truly be considered top tier. We take into account multitudes of things like a game’s visuals, its gameplay, story and of course the social features. Out of all the factors we consider, social features are emphasized on more than others because it’s crucial for a good MMO to have good social aspects because, if it didn’t, the entire MMO concept wouldn’t really mean much.

The following free MMO horse games are those that we feel are the best of the best.

1: Star Stable

In pretty much every single conversation regarding top notch horse MMOs, Star Stable is a game that’s almost guaranteed to be mentioned. This game pretty much embodies every single thing that’s good about MMO horse games and, on top of the usual features, it implements a variety of intriguing fantasy themed gameplay elements into the mix in order to give players a truly immersive experience. The game takes a while to get into because of how vast the game world is and how overwhelming the features can be at first but it’s highly recommended that you stick with it because, once you get into Star Stable, there really isn’t any letting go because of how incredibly addicting it is.

2: Alicia Online

Much like the aforementioned Star Stable, Alicia Online is another game that provides players an immersive and engaging experience by implementing a whole bunch of fantasy elements into the usual gameplay in order to make things more intriguing. It’s worth mentioning, though, that Alicia Online seems to prioritize on the fantasy aspects a little more than Star Stable does because it has a variety of different gameplay elements that exist solely because the game has magical horses. Other than this, though, the game has all the top notch features that you’d expect from an exciting MMO horse game.

3: Horse Academy 3D

Horse Academy 3D is unlike the other two games mentioned above and this is mainly because it tries to keep things as realistic as possible and doesn’t have any magical or fantasy themed elements. This is the perfect game for players who are looking for a realistic and immersive experience because it seems to have pretty much everything. The game world is breathtaking, the gameplay is loaded with fun things to do and there are tons of ways to interact with fellow players so, all things considered, Horse Academy 3D is a game that doesn’t disappoint.

All said and done, the aforementioned horse games are those that we think are among the best of the best and we highly recommend giving them a shot if you’re looking to get into this particular genre.

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