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Best Horse Games on Facebook

Rate this Article Facebook is home to many spectacular horse games that tens of thousands of people enjoy daily. In this article we’re going to be talking about the horse games that we think are the very best that this platform has to offer. Horse Games Online - Best Horse Games on Facebook

Before we actually get to the games themselves, first off we’d like to point out how these three managed to reach this list. The main reason we enjoyed them so much is that they have multiple ways to ensure that players always feel entertained while playing them. There are tons of horse games out there but some of them get rather repetitive and dull if you’ve played them for a while but that’s not the case for these games and that sets them apart from the rest of the competition.

Other than this, these games simply look great as well. They offer really high quality visuals such as smooth animations, quality artwork and much more. The user interfaces of these games are also really sleek so they’re really appealing to look at.

The following three horse games are the very best that you can play on Facebook.

Riding Club Championships

Riding Club Championships is a really solid horse game that’s been out for a while now and has seen a constant growth in its player-base ever since it was released. The best part about this game is the fact that the developers hold lots of events that keep the players interested in the game. The game’s mostly targeted at a competitive audience since a pretty massive portion of its gameplay revolves around playing in various different kinds of competitions such as racing, show jumping and many others that players can participate in for rewards and of course glory.

My Horse

My Horse is a game that’s a bit of a mix between competitive and casual gameplay. For the competitive audience the game features lots of events and competitions that the players can participate in to demonstrate their skills to the competition but for the casual audience there are lots of great features to enjoy like visiting friends, helping them take care of their horses and much more. It’s a really high quality game that you simply cannot get bored of due to how many gameplay features it has to offer.

Horse Academy

Horse Academy, like Riding Club Championships, is another great horse game that’s targeted at players who enjoy participating in events and competitions. However, it features a rather unique art style that’s rarely been seen in horse games. The game is overall very fun to play because there are tons of fun events to participate in, various ways to train your horse and of course the distinct visuals help set it apart from the rest of the crowd. It even features a worldwide rank ladder that showcases the very best players.

All said and done, the aforementioned horse games are really fun to play and are the best that Facebook has to offer so we recommend trying them out.

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