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Best Horse Riding Games

Rate this Article These are the three horse games that a majority of horse gamers agree are among the "best" horse riding games there is. Horse Games Online - Best Horse Riding Games

Once a genre becomes popular among gamers, it can be expected that the volume of games in the industry will grow. That’s a typical business decision – since there’s demand, developers will want a share of the pie by putting out their own games into the genre. As a result, the market grows and there are plenty of games to choose from, to the advantage of the player.

However, it’s also a fact that, despite how many games there are in the genre, there will always be a few games that will stand out among the rest. In horse racing games, these are the three that have definitely made a mark in the genre.

First, we have Ride: Equestrian Simulation. It’s a horse racing and horse breeding game rolled into one package. In here, you can pick a horse and build up its attributes so that it becomes a winning racer. There’s a comprehensive training regimen here for the four-legged racer. One feature that makes the game stand out is that there’s an option for you to do the training yourself, or leave it to the computer.

One more strong point for the game is its breathtaking graphics. The horses look real, and they look beautiful as well like they definitely do in real life. Fancy owning an Arabian Stallion? The game’s graphics capture the breed’s elegance and noble posture quite accurately.

Last but not the least is its game’s progressive challenges. As you start out, the challenges are not so difficult especially when you’re training the horse. However, as you progress into your training, the game just gets harder and harder.

Another game that’s memorable for horse racing enthusiasts is the Horse Racing game. Yes, that’s what the game’s name is. While it has a focus on training horses, the game’s attention – and yours as well – is fixed on the racing portion. You’ll be amazed at what the game has in store for you when it comes to racing.

Have you always wanted to control the circumstances of a race that you’re participating in so that you can prepare properly? You could do that in Horse Racing. You can actually customize the details of the race track, including its level of difficulty, its length and its challenges so you can train your horse properly. Control freaks will definitely love playing this game.

If customization is your forte, then you’ll also enjoy Riding Club Championships. This game is a holistic and all-encompassing horse racing simulator. In here, you can also race but you can also participate in other equestrian events as well like jumping. Just like Horse Racing, you can also design your own jumping courses according to what you want to train your horse in, or to develop your horse handling skills in.

You can also share these custom-designed courses with your friends so you can compete with one another.

If you’re aching to play a horse riding game or two, these three games should definitely be on your list. There are many other games, but these three are the best and should be your stepping stone into the wonderful world of horse racing and riding simulators.

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