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Downloadable Horse Games

Rate this Article There are lots of online games as well as games that you download, in this article we will bring you some of the best games do download, and why they are worth the few moments it takes. Horse Games Online - Downloadable Horse Games

Downloadable Horse Games are the kind of games that have a reputation of simply being able to do ‘more’ than their online browser based counterparts. People generally don’t tend to lean towards downloadable games that often because they feel it’s quite a hassle to set them up but it’s actually quite simple. One small and easy setup and you’ll be ready to play and in the end it’ll be worth it as the game will provide you with lots more to enjoy.

Moving further, let’s discuss what sets these downloadable games apart. For starters they’re a lot better looking and this is mostly because browsers are restricted in their graphic capability but once the game is downloaded, these shackles are removed and the developer gets a lot more room to add more visual flare to the game.

Secondly, they simply offer a much larger variety of things to do. You’ll also have your regular horse game features that should be expected from any game but these will more often than not be refined to a much higher degree which in turn makes them more enjoyable.

The games that we have listed below are all ones that you will need to download, but at the same time they all have something special that sets them apart from other horse games, and they look simply stunning.

Star Stable
There’s no denying the fact that Star Stable is an absolute master piece. There is a beautiful and enormous game world for you to explore on your horse, multitudes of customizability options and even a great story to back it up. You can’t go wrong playing Star Stable.

Second Life
Second Life basically brings the whole horse game experience on a completely new level. You’ll be overwhelmed by how realistic the game is and the sheer variety of tasks you have available. Never will you find yourself wandering around aimlessly because this is a game that always has something for you to do.

Ride: Equestrian Simulation
Aside from giving players a phenomenal visual experience thanks to its high detailed and gorgeous looking game world, Ride: Equestrian Simulator gives players some top notch competitive elements and some really unique features like selecting a discipline for your horse to excel at. The multitudes of competitions you can enter will make sure that you’re always entertained while playing this game.

Planet Horse
Planet Horse is a game that truly sets you free to doing whatever you want. Aside from being able to choose from a solid variety of different horse breeds, you’re pretty much able to do what you feel like. If you’re looking for a casual experience then you can explore the beautiful country-side and if you’re looking for some competition you can enter your horse in races or show jumping events.

Pony World 2
Pony World 2 can be defined in a few simple words, “heaps of fun”. You get to own a beautiful looking pony and then customize it however you feel like. On top of this you’ll be able to build an entire farm and a home designed specifically to keep your pony happy.

These games were really enjoyable and were well worth going through the relatively simple downloading process. Give them a try, we hope you like them just as much as we did and assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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