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Figure Horses: The Hanoverian Breed

Rate this Article Holding distinguishing features that are profoundly wanted over the lot of dressage competitions and show jumping events, the Hanoverian breed took a great liking from different enthusiasts and professionals alike. Horse Games Online - Figure Horses: The Hanoverian Breed

Gaining quite the familiarity from enthusiast around the world, and bearing great potential in the world of dressage horse competitions, the Hanoverian breed became profoundly known throughout the equine world, and the lot of its eager participants. They have become a staple breed among enthusiasts for their docility (willingness to be trained), athleticism, natural beauty, stature and form.

The now popular breed earned its lineage dating back from the early 17th century - when George II, the King of England and Elector of Hanover, founded the State Stud at Celle. After purchasing horses suitable for ground work (mostly in agriculture and harness), the local mares were refined with Holsteiner, Thoroughbred and Cleveland Bay, Neapolitan, Andalusian, Prussian, and Mecklenburg stock. The result, the distinct breed had become a high-class coach horse by the turn of the following century

Today, a lot of effort goes onto further fortification of the breed’s winning traits of being elegant, strong, and robust. Not limited to this, the strict selection among the breed ensures that they also have excellent aptitude – meaning, it picks up with training very quickly, making it a breed that can easily be trained for excellence (a considerable great core aspect when it comes to gaming). Much more, they have a strong back, powerful body, strong limbs, and simply are athletic in nature. In the competitive equine world, they are figure jumpers - for show jumping, eventing, and have the gaits for dressage.

On general appearance, the Hanoverian is a well built horse. Ranging from the colors chestnut, bay, black, and gray - these horses can stand at around be 15.3–17.2 hands (63–70 inches, 160–178 cm) high, but most are in the range of 16–16.2 hands (64–66 inches, 163–168 cm). Other than that, regulations prohibit horses with too much white, and buckskin, palomino and cremello horses from being registered.

Predominantly seen over the lot of dressage competitions, these beautiful horses offer quite the unique showcase of beauty plus function. Their great athleticism and trainability enables owners (players) to participate in disciplines like show jumping, eventing, and mostly over the similar forms of dressage competitions.

As for the horse games in general, the statistics found in them never change. The Hanoverian would pretty much hone these special traits they are well known for. They will always seek a spot over the rankings in dressage competitions, and should easily spark popularity from their glamorous appearance alone.

In the lot of horse games (especially those keen on dressage events and efforts), it is also one of the best breeds to take care of. Playing horse games is a great opportunity for you to get to know more of the Hanoverian breed, as well as witnessing its sheer potential over the competitions. So next time you get to play with horse games, you’ve gained a bit more knowledge about these specific breeds - and when it comes to dressage competitions and the like, a Hanoverian breed is surely well worth the shot.

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