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Games like Horsemaker

Rate this Article Horsemaker is a trend setting game that has been with us for a long time, and has been the inspiration form some amazing games, and in this article we will bring you some of these new games. Horse Games Online - Games like Horsemaker

As of today, there are many kinds of horse games out there available to play. Horsemaker is one of those horse games that cater more towards a competitive audience and the purpose of this article is to talk about some great games that resemble it in various different ways.

Horsemaker in itself is a top tier game that’s full of excitement and enjoyment. The overall objective is to become the best horse trainer in all the land and this of course is no easy task and will require a lot of hard work and dedication to accomplish. The gameplay revolves around training horses in different disciplines, hiring talented riders and participating in races against the best of the best.

The high quality gameplay of Horsemaker isn’t its only attraction. The game looks sensational as well. The in-game artwork is really detailed, the presentation is top notch and there’s a lot of eye candy for the players. To compliment the visuals there are also some really high quality sound effects that make the overall experience tenfold more immersive than it normally would be.

The following games feel a lot like Horsemaker in many different ways and are definitely some of the finer games in the genre.

Horse Master
If games had relations with each other, Horse Master would be the twin brother of Horsemaker. The game provides the same engaging experience and the objective is pretty much the same, you have to become a renowned and successful horse trainer. You’ll have to manage your very own stable, train your horses and participate in competitive events against some of the finest horses.

Derby Derby
Derby Derby is a competitive horse game but it doesn’t necessarily focus that much on the training aspect and instead puts all its emphasis towards the actual racing. There’s even betting involved to make the stakes even higher. Players can do research and bet on one of the many different horses and if the horse they bet on wins then the winnings will be pretty massive.

Blazing Silks
Blazing Silks is an all or nothing horse game in which only the best players can come out on top. The game is definitely one of the most competitive games out there in this genre; you can train your horses in various different attributes, feed them food that will help them during competitions and then watch them in all glory as they go full speed in the midst of a race.

Sport of Kings
What makes Sport of Kings so great is the fact that you get to own a lot more horses than most horse games allow you. To acquire horses you can breed them but if that’s not how you prefer to play the game then the option to purchase them is always there which will be quite convenient for some players. The racing is of course as good as can get and the game definitely offers a lot of memorable moments.

Ride: Equestrian Simulation
No conversation about competitive horse games would be complete without mentioning Ride: Equestrian Simulation. It’s a fantastic 3D game in which you get to choose from a variety of different horses, train them in many different disciplines and then participate in multiple different events to demonstrate your skill to the world.

All said and done, all the games mentioned above feel a lot like Horsemaker but the main point we’d like to focus on is that each one of them is quite fun to play and is more than capable of keeping anyone who tries them out entertained for hours upon hours.

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