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Games like Stallion Race

Rate this Article Stallion Race is a premier class horse racing game, full of fun and a huge range of choices and horses for you to own, but what other games let you enjoy that race track feel? Horse Games Online - Games like Stallion Race

From the thrill of betting to the calm calculation of training you can take part in one of the greatest sports on earth. And along the way spend some time with a huge community of players and compete against them for fame, glory and prizes.

What we have here for you today is a list of 5 of our favorite racing games, where you can get right into the action and take control. Get involved today and see what you can do in the sport of kings!

With Stallion Race you can become a stable owner with some of the best facilities, trainers and jockeys in the world. Run several horses at the same time, with their own special skills and riders and then take part in some of the most famous races in the world, all from the comfort of your own home.

Blazing Silks is one of the first racing games to arrive on Facebook, and while it may look a little dated there is a lot of excitement to be found. You can get into the action and place bets on the outcome of your own races too. With a huge range of real world options on and off the track there is no end to the fun you can find here.

Race give you the chance to make some real money inside of the game, with betting placed in real time on your races and any others you feel like. You can manage your own stables, run your horses and set them out to stud if they become champions. Or you can do all of that for free too, and just play for the in game currencies.

Derby Derby is a newer game that has the races set out in a brilliant 3D display that lets you see them run in real time. With a massive amount of activities and races for you to take part in and have a bet on too there is no end to the fun.

In NewTurf you can use the real genome information of a huge range of breeds to make yourself the perfect racehorse. With all this information, a comprehensive training program and some of the best races in the globe you will find there is so much for you to go out and win.

Want to find and play more games like the ones you know and love? Drop by now!

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