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Horse Base Breeds 101: Appaloosa

Rate this Article A breed defines a horse's distinct set of characteristics over a number of generations (purebred). In this continuation of the 5-part series, we'll get into the Appaloosa Breeds and get to know more of them! Horse Games Online - Horse Base Breeds 101: Appaloosa

The lot of horse games we enjoy playing nowadays ultimately gives us the ability to breed our very own majestic horses. If this is not the case, then the simpler option is still to pick at least one or two from several given varieties in that particular game. With this continuation of the 5-part series delving onto the basics of horse breeds, picking up a thing or two is relatively helpful in owning the ultimate champion of a horse that you’d wish it’ll be.

And while breeding may be just the smaller picture many horse games in general, there are some of which that specifically envelops the idea as its main selling point and charm of the game. And it should be – for the core performance of these creatures heavily relies on their genetic capacity to grow in a specific field of competition. So learning a few things with regards to the basics among the breeds and getting to know more about your foal before even putting it to play should at least render a better race or competition for both you and your horse.

When you properly dedicate efforts onto putting up a great competitive horse for a race or a show, this would ultimately reveal its great importance. As horse competitions range in a variety of ways, so are the classes of horse that are usually trained for specific competitions. Their classes range from those for races, endurance, jumping, and dressage. The thoroughbred like mentioned on the previous article is very well known for example is known for their stamina to endure the harshest courses on earth. Not limited to this, they are also known for their agility making them very suitable for racing competitions.

And to move on further with our horse breed lesson, let’s pick up on the Appaloosa Breeds.

The Appaloosa as a breed originated in the United States. Known for spotted pattern, they come in varieties of coats such as marble, snowflake, leopard, and blanket. Other than that, they hone distinctive features like mottled skin on the lips, nose, and genitals as well as striped hooves and white sclera around the eyes. On average, this breed stands between 14.2 and 16 hands high (58” to 64”at the shoulder) and weighs from 800 to 1,200 pounds with a strong build. Known to be a versatile breed, they are commonly seen figures in different equestrian activities. Though with their majestic appearances, especially those near to impossible combinations of coats, they are relatively seen to dominate the show world of dressage and the like.

Other than that, the Appaloosa bloodlines have influenced other known horse breeds - including the Pony of the Americas, the Nez Perce Horse, and several gaited horse breeds. They are also best know as a “stock” horse, in the lot of western riding disciplines. Generally though, they are sought after their unique coats and their relative charm.

So next time you get to play with horse games, you’ve gained a bit more knowledge about these specific breeds. So upon enlisting a horse in a dressage competition, it is most certain that an Appaloosa is well worth the shot - training it over the course of its career for these specific competitions for their relative beauty and appeal.

What breeding in horse games endows us is truly wonderful and unique. But gaining a bit of knowledge about the different base breeds altogether brings you more leverage in the game - knowing that you are making informed choices whenever you’re given the chance. Again, happy horse breeding and goodluck!

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