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Horse Base Breeds 101: Arabian

Rate this Article A breed defines a horse's distinct set of characteristics over a number of generations (purebred). In this third sequel to our 5-part series, we'll get into the Arabian Breeds and get to know more of them! Horse Games Online - Horse Base Breeds 101: Arabian

As we get to enjoy the lot of horse games nowadays, a lot of titles tend to grow – covering a more in-depth feature of breeding into their very own gameplay. The ability to breed them results into a growing need to learn about certain specifics to maximize each of the breed’s potential. If breeding is not available in these games, then there is always the option - to still to pick at least one or two from several given varieties to play and grow with in a game. In this third sequel of the 5-part series delving onto the basics of horse breeds, getting learned about a thing or two with horse-breeding should get you some relative help over raising the ultimate champion of a horse.

Although breeding may be just a side quest onto many horse games in general, there are titles owning up to this exact feature to be its main selling point or charm of the game. For a lot of horse enthusiast and fans, it should really be the case, but for those that are not and are just playing them for fun, it spurs out the confusion, and the gap between getting to maximize your specific breed’s potential or not.

This article gets you to learn a few things with regards to the basics among these breeds and getting to know more about your foal before even putting it to the different competitions therein. As horse competitions range in a variety of ways, so are the classes of horse that are usually trained for specific competitions. Classes range from those attuned over race competitions, endurance, jumping events, and showcasing events like dressage.

To follow up on the last article, we’ll delve onto the Arabian breed. The Arabian, also known as an Arab, is one of the oldest breeds of horse and has played an influential role in the genetic origins of other breeds such as the Thoroughbred and the American Quarter Horse. The Arabian has a small, dished (concaved) face, pointed ears, a high tail set. Arabians appear in solid colors including grey with or without white markings on its legs. On average, an Arabian stands from 14.2 and 15.2 hands high (58” to 62”at the shoulder) and weighs between 800 to 1,000 pounds with a strong build.

Other than that, the Arabian breed have one less vertebra and rib than other horse breeds. These high spirited horses can be seen in all disciplines too, but relatively excels in the endurance (long distance race) competitions. Generally, they are sought after their physical strength, endurance, and speed over the courses.

Now that you’ve gained a bit more knowledge about these specific breeds, puts you on a better fighting chance to win the competitions. Before enlisting horses over endurance events or races, it is most certain that an Arabian breed or that of its bloodline is well worth the shot.

Breeding feature in horse games endows us not only with a legroom to work with, but also the knowledge about these wonderful majestic creatures. Gaining information is just but another leverage – to get you winning the competitions ahead as knowing that you are making informed choices whenever you’re given the chance.

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