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Horse Games for Boys

Rate this Article There are many different horse games, appealing to lots of different people all over the world, but here we will discuss those games that boys will really enjoy. Horse Games Online - Horse Games for Boys

When you think of boys, you often think of fast cars. Nowadays, boys are obsessed over the next Hot-Wheels, but why get yourself obsessed over some metallic hunk of metal that cannot return the love you gave it?

Instead, why not pour your love to one of the most majestic animals that can similarly give you that coolness factor that fast cars provide? You got to admit - riding straight-backed on the back of a majestic-looking stallion with the sunlight providing a golden backdrop is definitely cool. In fact, knights rode horses and so do kings of the old! That’s why horse racing is called the sport of kings!

There are plenty of things to do in horse games that boys will enjoy. This includes raising your own virtual horse, pamper it as you would your girlfriends, build your ranch from scratch and watch it grow! You get to breed cute foals from your horses and watch them grow into magnificent stallions or mares as well! The most enjoyable part in any horse game is when you are allowed to ride your horse, virtually, through fantastic-looking landscapes.

Horse games also provide that thrill factor that all boys actively seek and enjoy in the form of horse races. The sound of thundering hooves as they beat towards the finish line will certainly elevate the heartbeat and keep a boy’s eyes glued to the screen, as will sports or a really hot girl. Some games even allow you to test your equestrian skills at the obstacle course... if, of course, you’re up for the challenge!

So, boys, here are a couple of horse games that you will love!

Riding Club Championships is an absolutely stunning 3D horse game available on Facebook. In this game, you will get to virtually ride your horse across beautiful terrains. Furthermore, you can also challenge your friends at the show jumping arena or, even better, at your own, creatively-designed, obstacle course!

Sport of Kings is another amazing Facebook-based 3D horse game that you simply must play! This game focuses more on horse breeding, training and racing which are excellent for boys who like to get straight to the exciting parts of a horse game. You have to check out the brilliantly animated after-race videos for this game!

If you prefer to have a horse game whereby you get to build your stable and be fully self-sufficient, then A Virtual Horse will totally suit you! This game is like a hybrid between a farm and horse game – you set up farms, mines and mills that you can collect resources from. These resources can be used to further expand or upgrade your ranch. This game also gives you the option to buy beautifully animated, mythical horses like Pegasus or a phoenix-horse hybrid.

Are you an equestrian at heart? Then, you will feel right at home with this awesome 3D game called Ride: Equestrian Simulation. The graphics and animation in this game are just amazing. In this game, you can choose to personally train your horse and, later, enter it into competitions such as dressage, cross country and show jumping.

If you are a fan of MMORPGs, fear not! There is a horse game that will suit you too! Star Stable is an excellent blend between horse games and MMORPG with a huge magical world called Jorvik for you to explore with your trusty horse companion. There are also adventures to be sought at every corner and you can meet new friends with the same interests as you!

These games are all perfect for horse-loving boys as they contain all the things that these boys would enjoy in a game. So, don’t wait! Check out one or all of these games and adopt your own virtual horse today!

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