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How Can You Breed Horses in Equestrian the Game?

Rate this Article Having trouble breeding horses in Equestrian the Game? Worry not, because we’re about to teach you how you can easily breed horses in Equestrian the Game. Horse Games Online - How Can You Breed Horses in Equestrian the Game?

Horse simulation games and online horse breeding games have become really popular over the last few years. The reason behind this genre’s recent success is not just the riding mechanics and other mainstream elements but, it’s simply because of how much detail has been added to these games to provide players with a well-rounded, top-notch gameplay experience where you can control many aspects of the game. The same is the case with Equestrian the Game, as it is one of the most detailed and well-rounded horse breeding game online.

The game, as you’d expect from any high-end horse game online, comes with every single aspect covered as far as this genre goes. From horse breeding, riding mechanics, stable management, customization, and every single thing that you can think of, has been taken care of in this game. Not to forget, the game features almost every single horse breed that you can think of and this is what makes the breeding so fun because you’ll get to mate different horses. There are competitions in the game as well and, there’s a whole building aspect to the game so all in all, Equestrian the Game is a game that anyone would enjoy.

Now that you know about the game, we’ll move on to the more complex issue that players would love to learn. Breeding systems can be a bit tedious in online horse games and that’s exactly why we’ll be explaining in detail how you can breed horses in Equestrian the Game. Even if you don’t have any prior experience, you’ll be able to breed horses in no time once you’re done reading this guide. First of all, the game does an excellent job of providing the details of all its horses in the game. Details regarding the genes and DNA of the horses. If you’re wondering why this info is important, you’ll be glad to know that, once you have complete knowledge about the horses’ genes, DNA, and other physical aspects, you’ll be able to breed a horse that inherits the same attributes, personality, and other characteristics from its parents.

Moving on to the breeding process, Equestrian the Game
The time that’s taken to mate two horses is somewhere around 4 hours and once the mating is done, the stallion makes its way back to the stables while the mare stays behind in the breeding facility as the gestation starts for it. It’s worth remembering that, while the mare is in gestation, it cannot be used to ride or, train. Once the wait is over and the foal has been born, you can use it for riding and training but it’s best to keep things easy as she needs a little rest. To learn more about the horse, ETG has added a new pedigree tab where you can click to learn about the horse’s family tree and, to bring more detail, the new updates to the game will bring even more detail to the table for you.

The method mentioned above is how you can breed horses in Equestrian the Game. It’s not that complex so just read the guidelines and you’ll be able to do it. If you’re into horse breeding games, you’d love to try Equestrian the Game.

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