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How to Get Yourself a Horse in Sim FreePlay?

Rate this Article Eager to buy a horse for your sim in Sim FreePlay? Well, find out how you can get one here! Horse Games Online - How to Get Yourself a Horse in Sim FreePlay?

If you love horses and you happen to play Sim FreePlay, then you would definitely want to know how to get your sim a horse A.S.A.P. and well, we’re here to help! We’ll try to detail all the steps you’ll need to do in order to buy a horse and we’ll throw in some insights on what you can do with your horses and how you can take care of them. Here goes!

One of the main things you’ll need is to get your level up to 11. This is because, once you’ve reached that level, a quest called ‘Need for Steed’ will be unlocked. The quest is rather long though, so do bear with me as we go through the steps together. Basically, the quest has 20 parts and the first segment of the quest involves you searching for a mysterious island where an equally mysterious stable is located on. The steps needed to find the stable will take around 10 hours or so.

Once you’re at the stable, you’ll need to call a mysterious number where the person who received the call will ask you to do a variety of duties. All of these will take another 9 and half hours. After all the waiting is done, you can finally build your own stable. This process might take awhile since building a stable is apparently very costly. Being newly constructed and all, the stable can be a tad bit dirty, may need repairs, and it mos definitely lack the required stable hands to manage it. So, you’ll need to spend around 19 hours in total before you can finally add a horse to your stable.

Despite the lengthy waiting periods, if you really maximize your time, you could complete the quest within 2 days. The total time limit given to you is 7, so you would have more than enough time to get everything done before then. There’s another nice bonus if you managed to complete everything quickly (as in within 2 days) too – you’ll be rewarded with an access to an exclusive Magical Unicorn Painting which you can then buy from the Home Store. However, due to the huge amount of hassle you need, it might not be worth it to a majority of the players in the game.

Buying horses in Sim FreePlay can be somewhat expensive. The game charges around 15 thousand in-game currency or 10 SP. Each stable you build can house up to 6 horses and considering that the game itself currently has around 6 horses for you to purchase, you’ll definitely have enough stable stalls for each different breed. However, do take note that horses in Sim FreePlay will wander around the area and will not stay in their stalls in the stable.

As you now have a horse to call your own, you might want to rename it. Subsequently, you’ll also unlock 3 new hobbies - horse tricks, horse vaulting and showjumping. Horses in this game are graded based on stars and although you start off with a 1 star horse, you can get better star horses (2 or 3) by completing any of the hobbies, horse tricks or vaulting, to unlock them. For showjumping, you’ll unlock a unicorn instead when you completed it for the very first time.

To get your horse to participate in any of these hobbies, you’ll need to make sure it is in a good mood (See: Happiness bar). You can make your horse feel happy enough by feeding, grooming or petting it. Of course, what’s the point of getting a horse if you can’t ride it? It’s just a simple matter of selecting the ‘ride horse’ option. To dismount, you just need to select the ‘dismount’ option instead.

Hopefully, this guide is useful in helping you to finally get a horse in Sim FreePlay. Have fun and enjoy riding your horse!

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