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How to Price Your Horses in Howrse

Rate this Article If you’ve got some additional horses in your stables in Howrse and would like to fetch the best possible prices for them then this article is definitely for you as we’ll be highlighting ways through which you can price them just right. Horse Games Online - How to Price Your Horses in Howrse

If you spend a while playing Howrse then you’re inevitably going to come across a time in which you’ll have to sell a horse and, for players who aren’t familiar with how the in-game horse marketplace works, this can be an intimidating and rather challenging process as they’re not really sure what they should price the horse at. Pricing a horse too high is certainly going to dissuade buyers from purchasing it and, on the other hand, pricing too low simply isn’t the right idea as you won’t be getting what you deserve for the horse. The following tips are sure to help you out if you ever go through this process, though, so we recommend keeping them in mind should you ever need assistance in figuring out how to properly price a horse that you’d like to sell.

There are several things to keep in mind when pricing a horse but the very first thing that you’ll need to know is that females are always priced higher than males. No matter what the breed of the horse is, the female is going to sell for more than the male and this is always crucial to remember. Speaking of horse breeds, though, this is also a key factor in pricing a horse because each individual breed usually fetches its own distinct price and it’s essential to do some research regarding their prices beforehand to see what price range you should be targeting when you’re about to sell your horse.

Taking note of your horse’s BLUP value is going to be important when you sell as well because higher BLUP horses produce higher quality foals which, in turn, makes them more attractive even when priced higher than other horses with a relatively lower BLUP. If you have a horse that’s been BLUPed properly then you should definitely capitalize on this and price it higher than other horses of similar breeds in order to get a return on the effort that was made in BLUPing the horse.

Another crucial thing that determines the value of a horse is its coat. There are multitudes of horse coats in Howrse and some are significantly rarer than others which is why it’s definitely worth it to do some research and see what your horse’s coat is and how rare it actually is. If you have a horse with a rare and highly sought after coat such as the Flaxen Liver Chestnut coat or the Cremello coat, you’ll be able to fetch a pretty solid price for it.

Finally, you’ll also need to consider what items your horse has when you sell it as these can drastically impact price. If your horse is equipped with items like the Philosopher’s stone, you can price it a lot higher and players will be more than willing to pay for it thanks to the added item that they’re getting in the package.

All things considered, pricing a horse can feel a bit difficult for someone who isn’t familiar with the market of Howrse but, as long as you keep the aforementioned tips in mind, you’ll be able to do quite well for yourself if you ever choose to sell any of your horses.

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