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Howrse vs Equiverse

Rate this Article There are a lot of Horse SImulation Games around today, but in this article we are discussing 2 of the best for you to enjoy. Horse Games Online - Howrse vs Equiverse

Both Howrse and Equiverse are fantastic horse simulation games that are very popular among people thanks to the fact that there are just so many activities in these games which means that you’ll be able to play both of them for hours upon hours each day and still not have seen it all. In this article we’ll be discussing these games a bit in detail and comparing them to each other in various aspects.

Although they follow a similar gameplay pattern, the key difference between both these games is the fact that their art styles are really different from each other. Howrse follows more of a standard visual outlook with realistic looking horses, structures and overall graphic style whereas Equiverse tends to do things differently by utilizing a slightly more animated art style that looks quite pretty on its own. Both games however look really great and have a lot of great things for you to see.

The key highlight in both these games is the fact that the amount of activities in the game is endless. One of the main things you’ll be doing is training your horses as each breed of horse excels at certain specific things so you can train them even further so that they may enter competition and win prizes. Breeding is also an essential factor in both games as you can breed different kinds of horses together to form some rather unique combinations.

Although they’re similar in most gameplay aspects, one main difference is the fact that in Howrse you’re able to groom your horses to quite an extensive degree and customize them according to your liking in many different ways for a much more immersive experience. Equiverse on the other hand has some great unique features as well for example special foods that you can provide to your horses to increase their statistics and improve their training.

Equiverse is a game that emphasizes quite a bit on competitions as well as there are many different kinds of them going on pretty much every single day and you can enter your horse into any of them for a chance at winning a pretty substantial prize pool. While Howrse may not focus on competitive events that much, there are other great things you can do in the game for example running an entire equestrian center of your own which requires a lot of focus and concentration as you’ll be managing so many different horses and catering to the needs of each of them individually. You’re also able to work and earn money through many different ways so that you have extra currency to spend on your horses.

Overall, Howrse and Equiverse are both fantastic horse simulation games that offer their players a great experience due to the fact that there’s just so much to do in these games. They both have some great unique features of their own and we definitely recommend that you try each of them out to see for yourself all the enjoyment they have to offer.

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