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Learning More About Horses in Horse Sims

Rate this Article Horse riding simulators are one of the best avenues for learning about equines, albeit at a virtual environment. Horse Games Online - Learning More About Horses in Horse Sims

Horses are amazing creatures. They are one of the sturdiest creatures on Earth. They can be workhorses, or they can be performers who can do a lot of things under the command of their jockey or trainer.

In the past, horses played even more formidable roles in humanity’s life. They were once warriors in the field of battle, wearing thick armor as thick as the ones worn by the knights riding them. These horses had strong hearts, able to stand firm amidst the noises of battle.

It’s not easy to stand firm as cavalry despite the sounds of cannonballs exploding and muskets firing, but soldier-horses could do that.

Nowadays, horses now have more specific roles that are less stressful. They are either racers, or show-jumpers, among others. With the technology people have access to nowadays, even you can become a horse trainer and breeder… without having to purchase a horse.

That’s because horse simulators are now at your disposal. These games put you in the shoes of a horse trainer/breeder, with a stable of wonderful horses that you subject to show training and even cross-country running, if the game permits it.

The beauty about horse simulator games is that they are very diverse. There are games like Riding Club Championships that puts you through the rigors of training for show-jumping, by giving you a horse to ride in. You control that horse’s movements in a fully three-dimensional world.

In a way, you are empirically training yourself how to become a jockey of a show-horse. Of course, this is done without putting you on top of a real horse because, while it’s not impossible to learn how to ride a real horse, it can be nerve-wracking for a beginner.

Of course, you don’t just train a horse; you buy equipment for it. In horse simulators, you can improve your horse’s performance by purchasing new saddles, equipping new shoes into its hooves, and many others.

There are even horse some games that let you groom the horse, but this is more about aesthetics and does not serve a purpose in actually improving a horse’s performance.

Let’s move on to the world of text-based simulators: these are the oldest of horse simulators out there. These are games that let your imagination run instead of giving you mind-blowing graphics and gameplay mechanics.

All you need to do here is just click buttons that signify certain actions that trainers can do in real life. The game will then afterwards load a pre-built page that shows the results of your actions.

People might find these boring, but Ludus Redux and other similar games are fun in their own way. They are, after all, the foundation from which the more contemporary horse simulators have been built.

Last but not the least, horse simulators, whether text-based or the more contemporary titles, have a wealth of information on breeds and horse behavior. You can browse through the embedded Help files in the games and you can learn all you want about the different horse breeds that you can bring up.

It’s an educational experience. You play horse simulators and you cannot help but try and understand what really is going on in this world of horse breeding and training.

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