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More Horse Games We Would Like to Play

Rate this Article Three horse games that bring a totally different experience for horse simulator fans. Horse Games Online - More Horse Games We Would Like to Play

Horses are the most interesting of creatures, and they are very versatile as well. That’s why you can find horses being utilized as steeds in MMORPGs; they’re literally able to do a lot of things, from racing, farm work, hunting and many others. In case you don’t know it, there are plenty of games online that lets you experience horses beyond the usual racing and eventing.

In some of these games, you might even be able to hunt your first horse instead of simply buying a foal from the shop and rearing it up.

Let’s start with Alicia Online. This is a full-blown MMORPG, but its gameplay centers on horse breeding and training. Thus, your main task in the game is to bring up your horse, from its foal days to when it has fully grown. Both you and your horse level up in this RPG; your horse has a set of statistics that you’ll need to work on in order to make it the fastest, strongest and best horse in Alicia Online’s world. You, on the other hand, gain experience by training your horse, challenging other players to races and doing tasks.

Of course, as an MMORPG, Alicia Online has a Player vs Player component. You will not be fighting other players, of course. Instead, you’ll be racing them with a certain amount of in-game cash as the purse. You’d need to do this periodically so you can have enough in-game funds to take care of your horse and train it properly. The more you train your horse, the faster it will be.

While it’s not a horse-exclusive MMORPG, Black Desert Online does include a horse-hunting feature. You don’t kill the horse, of course; instead, you catch a wild horse and tame it in order to add it to your stable. This, by itself, is already a mini-game in the MMO.

There’s an elaborate set of steps that you’ll have to follow in order to catch and tame a horse in Black Desert Online. First, you’ll have to awaken the inner ninja in you so you can come close enough with it getting spooked and running away. When you get close enough, you can throw a lasso around the horse. This is where the hard part comes in – you’ll have to “wrestle” with the horse until it stops fighting you, and you can attempt to walk it back to the stable.

You can try to ride the horse after walking it for a few seconds, but it can be a risk – if it decides to kick you when you do so, you’ll have to repeat the whole process again.

Last but not the least is Horse Isle 2: unlike the two other games on this article, Horse Isle 2 is a two-dimensional, browser-based horse simulator. It has, however, both of the elements that Alicia Online and Black Desert Online has.

Like Alicia Online, you can acquire your own horse without having to hunt it. However, while you’re roaming around the world doing tasks, you can encounter wild horses that you’ll have to catch with a lasso. You can choose to keep the horse, or you can take it to a stable to sell for 20,000 credits of in-game cash. Thus, it becomes a lucrative mini-quest for you to take on while playing the game.

Horse games are amazing. Give them a try, and you can see the world of wonders they have in store for you.

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