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Our Favorite Horse Jumping Games on Mobile

Rate this Article Over the years we’ve had our share of experience with some exceptional mobile based horse jumping games and in this article we’ll be picking out our favorites. Horse Games Online - Our Favorite Horse Jumping Games on Mobile

Mobile based horse jumping games have come quite far from when this platform initially started gaining traction. The first games of this particular sort were pretty basic so, while they were fun at the beginning, they eventually became repetitive because the mechanics were pretty simple and there wasn’t any real reasons for players to come back. However, over the years, this has changed quite a bit.

The following mobile based horse jumping games are among our favorites for a variety of different reasons and, all things considered, we believe that they’re probably among the best games that you can play if you’re looking for top tier horse jumping games to enjoy on the mobile platform.


Jumping Horses Champions

Jumping Horse Champions is filled to the brim with features and managed to land a spot on this list because it has tons upon tons of things through which players can keep themselves busy for countless hours. The game doesn’t do anything innovative but it still manages to impress because it pulls off the fundamentals with perfection and doesn’t have any technical issues that would hinder the experience.


Jumping Horses Champions 2

Jumping Horse Champions 2 is a game that didn’t seem necessary at first because of how successful its predecessor was but, even in spite of this, we’re quite glad that it came out. The game builds itself on the fundamentals laid out by the original and does an excellent job of elevating everything to a whole new level. On top of everything else, though, the game also manages to implement a variety of other new creative gameplay elements into the mix that add a lot of depth to the experience.


HorseWorld: Show Jumping

HorseWorld: Show Jumping is pretty much perfect for the audience of players looking for a thrilling and challenging horse jumping game that feels intense and fast-paced. We do want to highlight that the game isn’t really meant for players who want a laidback experience due to its fast-paced nature but, if you’re looking for a competitive experience, HorseWorld: Show Jumping is definitely a great choice.


Jumpy Horse Show Jumping

Jumpy Horse Show Jumping One of the best things about Jumpy Horse Show Jumping is the fact that it has what is essentially an endless amount of content for players to enjoy. There are multitudes of horse breeds to choose from, lots of courses to play on and, on top of all this, the game gives players the tools through which they can design their own courses.

All said and done, the aforementioned horse jumping games are those that we think are the best currently available on the mobile platform and it goes without saying that we recommend giving them a shot.

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