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Popular Horse Competition Breeds

Rate this Article As we have reviewed quite the collection of horse games in the past, we came across different titles that seem to showcase the same competition events enlisting the usual breeds capable to rise up in the challenge. In this article, we list down the standard trophy bearers and breed figures in the equestrian world. Horse Games Online - Popular Horse Competition Breeds

As we grow familiar with the different horse competitions, so did we get acquainted with the following standard trophy bearers of the sport. In this article, we feature the best breeds for the different competitions, as well as their core features that made them popular among horse enthusiasts. In most case however, entry in the competition is restricted to specific purebreds (meaning both of its parents carry the same breed) making them a standard pick among racers – hence their popularity came about.

First among the list is the Arabian breed. Originated from Arabian Peninsula, they are well known for dominating the world of Endurance Racing and are generally sought after their physical strength. Also known as the Arab, this particular breed is one of the oldest breeds of horse and has played an influential role in the genetic origins of other known well breeds like the Thoroughbred and the American Quarter Horse.

And speaking of which, Thoroughbred follows on our list. Known for its speed, spirit and agility, the thoroughbred excels mostly in Show Jumping, Dressage, and Horse Racing (specifically Steeple Chasing and Barrel Racing). Bearing great characteristics that are profoundly wanted over the lot of equestrian sport disciplines, Thoroughbreds have become a staple breed among enthusiasts.

Qualified for the specific quarter mile races (hence the name) The Quarter Horse breed greatly excels shorter distance races called “sprints”. Another known reason for its name is from its adept capability to outrun competing breeds for up to a quarter mile or so in a race. Well known for their sturdy build, they dominate riding disciplines like Neck Reining, Roping, Barrel Racing, and the lot of short distance Flat Racing.

Another figure in horse competition events is the Appaloosa. Easily distinguished from their leopard spotted pattern, they are well known as in the lot of western disciplines. This includes Sprint Racing, Barrel Racing, Show Jumping, Trail Riding, and Endurance Riding. Generally though, they are sought after their unique coats and their relative charm- which makes them stand out in a lot of dressage competitions.

The Tennessee Walker breed on the other hand is well known for its four-beat running walk. Mostly found wanted in trail riding for their smooth gait, stamina, and temper, they are also a common choice for Dressage shows, and Endurance Riding.

And then there is also the Cob breed. In general terms, cobs are larger than ponies, standing 14.2 hands (58 inches, 147 cm) or taller, but are relatively small and compact, usually with somewhat short legs. Also, the term cob mainly refers to a body type of horse rather than a specific breed. It is a smaller horse usually of a stout build, with strong bone, larger joints, and a steady disposition - known to excel at Driving, Showing, Dressage, and even Jumping competitions.

Last on the list, are the rarest among them all - the Andalusian breed. The Andalusian, also known as the Pure Spanish Horse is a horse breed from the Iberian Peninsula. With strongly built bodies, they are compact and elegant at the same time. Commonly found in gray colored coats (although found a much rare black and bay colors), they are known for their intelligence, sensitivity and docility. Their versatility is unparalleled –making them excel in various events like dressage and other riding disciplines.

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