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Popular Horse Racing Events

Rate this Article Over the course of reviewing horse games in our site, we came across different titles showcasing the different horse racing events. Through the list, a staple of events and specific breed races stayed affixed to lineup of competitions to enlist your horse with. Today, we discuss the Popular Horse Racing Events. Horse Games Online - Popular Horse Racing Events

To get you started with the equestrian sport, horse racing games should probably the way to go to interest a lot sports gamers or casual gamers alike. The race events usually found in horse race game titles covers tourneys of two or more jockeys riding horses over a set distance for competition. Its basic premise – to identify which of two or more horses is the fastest over a set course or distance and the winner simply makes up the better trainer to that effect as well.

Horse races basically vary in their format. Variations include restricting races to specific breeds, running over obstacles, running over set distances, running on different track surfaces and running in different gaits. As for the non-enthusiast and simple gamers wanting for a relative challenge, they are categorized into 4 types of horse race events namely: Flat racing, Jump Racing (also known as steeplechasing), Harness Racing, and Endurance Racing.

Most common form among them of course is Flat racing. The event is seemingly rendered over “flat” racing tracks (the reason for its name) that are typically the oval shaped race course that covers great variation of races among the category itself. Flat racing mainly varies over the surface of the track (grass or dirt) and their set distances.

Individual flat races are run over distances ranging from 400 meters up to 3 kilometers, with distances between five and twelve furlongs (a unit of distance equivalent to 201.168 metes) being most common. “Sprints” is the term used for shorter distances and seen as a competition of speed, and “Routes” as given term to the longer races which on the other hand is a competition of both stamina and speed.

On the other hand, Jump racing (also known as steeplechasing or hurdling)is a competition where horses race over a course of obstacles. In a Jump race, the horses jump over obstacles called hurdles (around three and a half feet or higher) along a given race course. These races are typically hindered by a series of flexible brushes for the challenge, and covers a minimum of eight hurdles and a minimum distance of 3 kilometers per race.

Lastly we have Endurance Racing. Endurance racing range from the shorter courses that go up to only ten miles. And then, there are the tediously long ones that tend to reach even over a hundred miles long, held in a summary of days to complete. Other than the difference in distance they cover, endurance races are sub categorized as pleasure rides, non-competitive trail rides, competitive trail rides, progressive trail rides, and endurance rides. The obvious factor of using natural terrains due to the great distances of the race can be observed.

In most cases, the game automatically suggests the specific breed needed for a competition. There are in some games however the chance to unveil or unlock if you may – the other leagues or cups upon successfully breeding a qualified horse for a specific race. Getting to know a thing or two about the types of races wouldn’t hurt and should gain you useful information as you play some great horse games in the future.

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