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Reasons Riding Games are Brilliant

Rate this Article Horse Riding games have been with us for a while, in a variety of different forms, and in this article we will bring you a few reasons as to why they are brilliant. Horse Games Online - Reasons Riding Games are Brilliant

Horse riding games are those that do pretty much exactly what you expect, you have a horse that you can look after and then take out for a ride. You can either see it from the back of the horse but more often than not from just behind them so you can see your surroundings and the horses you own.

And that brings us to our first feature, how good looking and well designed these horses are. With stunning 3D graphics some of these games really bring these magnificent creatures to life and they move almost exactly like a real horse. One of the best examples of this is Ride: Equestrian Simulation with a simply amazing feel and look when you ride. Though they only have a limited selection of horses to start with they all look amazing.

But it is not just the horses that need to look good, where you are riding and the worlds you explore also need to be beautiful and interesting to look at. There is no point having a horse if there is not anywhere nice for you to see when you ride. Some games have created whole worlds with hours of riding fun, while others like Star Stable make a place full of characters to meet and tasks to complete while you ride around a huge space, with lots of fun sites to visit.

Then of course, there is the riding itself. Often seen from just behind or to the side of your horse you can see your character as you move around. The controls different between the games but the main thing is you get to choose where you go and when. Sometimes you are collecting items, and others you are trying to earn points or medals. But the ability to get on a horse and go out and about is just amazing.

There are also games that have you ride competitively, either in races or other events such as dressage or showjumping. In these games you are in control of your horse and their equipment, with these items you then go out and compete against the game, or you can play with others all over the world like in Riding Club where you compete on Facebook to be the monthly showjumping champion.

The social side of the se games is also what can make them so good to play, you can ride with friends or race against them for fun. Being with others and enjoying games together is what makes them so special, and in riding games you can mix both beautiful horses and your friends together.

There have been a few games recently that have just blown us away with what you can do in them. They look stunning and feel great to play while you care for your horses and just relax. But most of all these games are really fun to play, with lots of activities, people to play with and many great surprises waiting for you to enjoy.

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