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Should Horse Games Incorprate More Puzzle Elements?

Rate this Article Horse games are fine the way they are: players race inside stadiums or speedily gallop across open fields. However, sometimes adding varied gameplay can help horse games evolve, and should puzzle games be part of the mix? Horse Games Online - Should Horse Games Incorprate More Puzzle Elements?

Most horse games you play today have a set formula that barely makes them stand out from the cast. Many are racing games where you take care of a stable of horses and have them join competitions. Meanwhile, some are more casual, like pony runners. Others take a more in-depth approach by being story-driven RPGs that let you go on an adventure with a well-written cast of characters.

One of the things these games are missing is undoubtedly puzzle experiences, like match-3 minigames, jigsaws, shape and shadow puzzles, and even games like 2048. However, some can easily say that such games aren’t a good fit for horse-related video game experiences. Well, let’s refute that - puzzle games can be an essential part of horse games, especially when they seamlessly fit in well with the other gameplay mechanics and the overall narrative.

Yes, horses play a crucial role in games like Zelda: TOTK

The argument for puzzle games

Unless you’re a horseracing fan who loves speedy steeds like Seabiscuit and Secretariat, including a puzzle experience in a fast-paced racing game might not be a good idea. However, it may work off the track. Puzzle experiences could be infused in pre-race warmups, and if you perform well in them, your horse could gain some minor bonuses that could give them the edge in the final furlongs.

In RPG and adventure-oriented games, puzzles could be used to unlock chests and solve problems posed by dungeons. After all, even games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom have tricky shape puzzles, so horse games can definitely add some to their arsenal. In addition, puzzles could also be used on a larger scale with quests fully dedicated to them. Plus, it would also be a good idea to make it a part of simulation experiences, like when players are building or designing their horse’s homes and facilities.

Puzzles in horse games are perfect for younger gamers

Horse games mostly appeal to a younger audience; most of them are made with kids in mind. For example, there are many games about My Little Pony, a franchise about magical cartoon horses geared towards children. Puzzle games can be used as a filler or keep a young gamer’s brain gears oiled and running. For example, chests holding advanced equipment and other rewards could be hidden behind a tricky jigsaw puzzle.

So, should horse games include more puzzle elements

Definitely, most games today are multifaceted, with gameplay elements borrowed from other genres. An adventure RPG isn’t just an action experience where you develop a character and have them explore a massive world. Some have mystery and puzzle-related gameplay. Even action-oriented titles like God of War wisely use puzzles to take characters away from the brutality of battles. After all, a one-dimensional experience gets old quickly and will undoubtedly tire out players.

In the near future, here’s to seeing horse racing, horse adventure, and simulation games incorporate more puzzle elements. Not only will it keep players on their toes, but it will also benefit the younger gamers playing them.

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