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Stallion Race vs Blazing Silks

Rate this Article There are a lot of horse racing games around on Facebook, but here we have found 2 of our favorites and made a comparison so you can pick which one you want to play. Horse Games Online - Stallion Race vs Blazing Silks

The genre of horse games is pretty diverse and has many different kinds of games ranging from casual to competitive and in this article we’ll be discussing Stallion Race and Blazing Silks which are two horse games that are catered more towards a competitive audience and provide a really thrilling experience.

Starting off, there’s one thing that both these games share and that thing is the fact that they’re geared completely towards a competitive atmosphere. Both games are really intense and consist of high speed horse races where only the best of players can come out on top and the smallest of things can mean the difference between whether you win or lose.
Although the games are quite similar at their core, there are a lot of differences between them when it comes to the gameplay.

The main difference comes in the form of items which Stallion Race emphasizes quite heavily on. There are many different kinds of items in Stallion Race that you can utilize to improve the performance of your horse in various different ways and give it the edge it needs to outperform the opposition. It’s pretty great and allows for a lot of theorycrafting regarding which item combination would be the most efficient on which horse.

Blazing Silks on the other hand is a lot more ‘pure’ as in there aren’t really any items so the only things that will determine your horse’s performance on the field will be the practice sessions and nothing else. Both these games have taken a different approach to this and it can’t really be said which one is better because both ideas have their own merits and demerits.

Ranking is something that plays a very huge role in both Stallion Race and Blazing Silks. When you start off in these games for the first time you’re a mere rookie who no one really knows about but as you progress through the game and get some wins under your belt your rankings will slowly begin to improve and as your ranking improves you will also be matched against tougher players as well which leads to races that are a lot more intense and therefore a lot more fun because of all the fast paced gameplay.

Going into the graphical aspects of the game, while the theme of both games is rather similar, the art style is significantly different. Stallion Race utilizes a color scheme and art style that’s rather bright while the art style of Blazing Silks feels a bit more realistic. Needless to say, both games look incredible and execute the graphical aspects to a point near perfection because the animations are really fluid, environments have a whole lot going on in them and the horses have an immense amount of detail to them to give each one a distinct look of its own.

As for things that are unique to the games, Stallion Race has a lot of fun mini-games that you can try out to take a break from all the racing action. Blazing Silks on the other hand, while it doesn’t have any mini-games, gives players the option to choose who they’d like to play against so you can choose to play against your friends for a more laidback racing experience if you’d like a temporary change of pace from all the fast paced horse racing.

All things considered, there are great things about both these games and it can’t necessarily be said that one is better than the other because each of them has some incredible gameplay to offer. We definitely recommend trying both of these out as they’re capable of providing a really enjoyable experience to anyone who tries them out.

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