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That Horse Game: First Impressions

Rate this Article A sneak peek of That Horse Game an open-world multiplayer horse game in the works. Horse Games Online - That Horse Game: First Impressions

That Horse Game deviates from the usual breed and horse racing games that are popular in the genre. It is common to see racing-centered titles where you raise your best competition strain, maximize your running capabilities, and interact with other players through derbies. Apart from comparing your racer’s stats or jockeying skills with others online, there isn’t much to do afterward.

That Horse Game offers a change in perspective on how horse games are played once it is launched. Looking first at the intentions, this will have more social elements as a multiplayer title. You raise horses with individual differences and strengths, ride them to the best of your ability, and organize fun contests with friends.

Controls and interacting with its world

Riding a Horse

Let’s start with the controls. You get to use the standard WASD set for directions. Use E to interact with objects. There are unique controls for mounting a saddle and grooming your favorite horse. You will use the same directional buttons when you’re riding your horse. The left SHIFT key lets you toggle the various kinds of walking and running speeds you want to make use of. From careful cantering to speedy sprints, you can adjust your steed’s pacing based on where you’re most comfortable or what is needed for a particular game type.

You get detail-rich visuals, even on medium settings. This also has open-world elements, making every day more than just going to the stables and taking horses out for a ride. Your property also goes through different weather conditions. This adds a change in the scenery where you get to feel the game rather than looking at the same sunny day every time you log in.

What are some of its multiplayer features?

Open World Style

The game also promises multiplayer features. Basing it on the main menu interface, you can join games and host your own. All you need are a few online friends, and you can compete in a good selection of competitive modes. There’s another mechanic coming from social games and builder sims. You get to customize your property by purchasing decorations and other facilities. Look forward to spending your time switching and rearranging elements to express your idea of what a perfect estate looks like.

PC specs and requirements

Playing this will require a mid to high-spec PC to get the most out of the visuals and gameplay. There are graphics requirements that a low-end machine won’t be able to deliver. This may go as far as not being able to start the game. Steering your horse can present a challenge on narrow courses. It takes time for your steed to change direction, adding a challenging element on how to properly pre-plot your course. Changing the running speed of your ride also takes skill due to the multiple modes presented. Trying to slow down your sprint? Your first few attempts can lead to losing momentum and starting over, which takes a few seconds before you’re back to the desired running speed.

Summing this up, That Horse Game offers a lot of potentials based on the playing demo alone. You can help support its development through their Patreon. Follow their progress by checking out their website.

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