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The Future of Horse Games

Rate this Article We all love horse games, but what does the future hold for our favorite pastime? In this article we will see if we can divine what is coming, or at least what we wish could happen. Horse Games Online - The Future of Horse Games

Over the years we have seen a lot of new games arrive, and as they do each brings something new and exciting to the genre. Not only that but there are games like Star Stable that have updates and patches that add new content, horses and features that keep it interesting and fun to play. Even if a game follows a similar theme to one that came before it can still be amazing or have a new twist that makes it great to play.

As technology advances, both in terms of programming and the computers or tablets we play on there are many more things that the game developers can do. One of the most important features for any game is how it looks. There are some simply stunning examples of horses in 3D that look like the real thing and move just as you would want. These improvements in look make many games worth playing, and it can only get better.

But what about other emerging technologies, such as 3D and Virtual Reality gaming. Could we one day strap onto a saddle that moves with us, and we have either goggles or a screen presenting us with as close to the real thing as possible. With this virtual technology we could create our own worlds to ride around, or take part in races with our friends where you actual skill in the saddle counts. How amazing would that be?

If being confined to a PC or virtual reality space is not for you, there are many mobile device games around today. These will only get bigger and better as the technology surrounding these devices grows. There are already batteries that last longer, more crystal clear perfect screens and more powerful processors. Put this together with a game designed to use these items and suddenly you can have an amazing experience on the go whenever you want.

There is also the social side of games to consider, at the moment there are not many big games where you can see all of the other players riding around, but as many games become more social, particularly on platforms like Facebook you can begin to expect that many more will come along. Playing with other people is a lot of fun, and in some cases you can go riding with your friends or share horses for breeding. In the coming months or years we may see many more new things that we can do with our friends in these games.

While it is impossible to accurately predict the future, we here at Horse Plains are excited by what we are seeing in the more recent games. The possibility of riding in virtual reality is exciting, the sheer beauty of some of the newer games is staggering. Being able to use more than 1 sense inside of a game would be magical, and we can not wait to see what tomorrow, or next week or next year will bring for horse games.

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