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The Top 4 Horse Games of 2022

Rate this Article 2023 is here! Before we go, let's have a look at the best horse games of 2022. Horse Games Online - The Top 4 Horse Games of 2022

2023 is upon us, and we’re about to look back at the coolest horse games to grace us the year before. Don’t fret, since most of these are easy to get and even easier to play. Let’s dive into the top horse games of 2022 and what made them land on this list.

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch

This is not the kind of horse game one would expect on this list. It’s an open-world adventure with you on horseback. Discover new lands, overcome trials, and enjoy the view – all while you are on horseback.

This has a simple yet endearing story that focuses on a cast of characters. Each of them plays a part in how your adventures will turn out. Control schemes may start out as tricky, but you’ll get used to them the longer you play. It has some aspects of action-adventure games after all, so the button layout follows. What’s promising about this is the horses have different traits and behavior for you to work with. Being able to maximize these will affect how far you can go through the content and beyond.

Check out the game here.

Knight Joust Idle Tycoon

Knight Joust - Idle Tycoon

Play as a knight, tend to your armament and war horse, beat other knights, and do it all again. While this game has more knightly action than horse care and maintenance, you’d get the most out of its easy, fun, and idle gameplay. Win battles, improve your estate, develop better armor and weapons, then wail out on your enemies.

This is going to be the usual idle game where you can play for a little, do what you need to do in real life, and log back in to collect offline mode rewards. This is quite a straightforward title, minimizing any risk of not understanding game intricacies as you go along.

Curious about Knight Joust Horse Tycoon? Read what we have to say about it.

Idle Tycoon: Horse Racing Game

Idle Tycoon: Horse Racing Game

The title should be enough to tell you what this is, but let’s give it a little more depth. Your goal is to make your ranch the one envied by all when it comes to breeding profitable racehorses. What you have to do is simple: start small by breeding your first horses. Then you race them for a shot at winning big. Eventually, you’ll have to improve your ranch’s reputation by getting a hold of better racers. That, in turn, allows you to participate in bigger events with more lucrative payouts.

We have a review of Idle Tycoon: Horse Racing Game here.

Horse Farm Adventure

Horse Farm Adventure

This is an interactive virtual pet app where you will help the cast raise and develop horses. You’ll be spending time balancing out 4 animal attributes that affect your equine friends’ well-being. There are tasks to do, such as feeding your horse, grooming it, cleaning its enclosure, and making sure it gets regularly exercised. The game also has a large part of its mechanics on riding, and this is where most of your controls will be tested. You also get to decorate the stables for a more personal touch.

There's more to read about Horse Farm Adventure here.

This wraps up our most compelling horse games of the year 2022. Watch out for 2023’s surprises – we are just as excited as you.

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