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Three Horse Breeds Recommended for Beginners

Rate this Article Each trainer starts with a certain breed. Here are three breeds most recommended for beginners. Horse Games Online - Three Horse Breeds Recommended for Beginners

Online horse games give us the unique ability of being able to experience what it is like to be a horse trainer or a breeder, without having to dish out some cash to get the mounts that we will be taking care of.

These games are not to be taken lightly because, even if they are games, they are based on real horse breeding and training practices. It’s basically the real thing for you to experience, except that you only practice on a virtual horse on your computer and your mobile device. Because the horses are based on actual horse breeds, you will also experience having to render the specialized training and breeding practices for each breed you put into your barns.

Someone always starts something at a certain point. The same goes for horse breeding – you don’t just pick a horse because you like how its breed’s name sounds or you like the way the adult horses look, although this is, of course, a motivation. If you want to keep the learning curve high, you will need to pick the horses that are more ideal for a beginner trainer.

In other words, you need to pick horses whose training methods are easy to learn, as well as horses who are jacks of all trades of some sort so you can enter them into competitions and races. Here are three breeds that are considered ideal for beginning horse trainers.

First on the list is the Irish Sport Horse. This horse is bred for high energy, which means that it can be easily trained to be a racing horse as well as a show horse. Known for its calm but athletic nature, a novice trainer or rider can easily learn the ropes of horse handling with this mild-mannered beast. This is a mount whose attributes are well-balanced, so a trainer does not need to spend too much time training one aspect of the horse and being forced to specialize.

Next, when you’ve gained a little bit of experience and knowledge, you might want to think about rearing up a thoroughbred. Thoroughbreds are the dominant breed when it comes to horse racing, a testament to their powerful bodies and exceptional stamina. While you may think that they could be difficult to rear -- understandable as racing horses have the most rigorous and time-consuming training regimes – thoroughbreds can also be trained for other events like jumping and dressage competitions.

Last but not the least is the American Appaloosa. An originally American creation, Appaloosas are distinctive because of their mottled coats and striped hooves. Each Appaloosa sports a near-unique coat pattern, so their strength is mostly in their majestic beauty. Thus, while you can train an Appaloosa to build endurance, you’ll be spending more time training them for obedience and tricks as this is mostly a show horse than a racing one.

To learn more about taking care of each breed, you’d do well to begin playing horse breeding games like Howrse, which gives you the chance to take care of a mount coming from a specific breed so you can build an understanding of each. Howrse not only lets you groom and rear a mount – if you choose a male horse, you can use it to breed a foal as well. It’s a very educating experience!

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