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Tips for Winning Races in Star Stable

Rate this Article If you’re one of the competitive Star Stable players who often participate in races then it can be rather frustrating when you lose despite putting in your best efforts. Fortunately for you, in this article we’ll be giving out some really useful tips that you can utilize to up your game and get an edge over the opposition. Horse Games Online - Tips for Winning Races in Star Stable

Perhaps the most important racing tip we can give, and one that many players overlook most of the time, is to use proper racing gear that’s been designed to give your horse the edge it needs to succeed. Most of the time players get a bit too overconfident in their skills and think that they can win off raw mechanical play but that quite honestly isn’t the case. In order to succeed in competitive races you need to make sure that your horse is equipped with everything it needs. Even the slightest of advantages can make a difference in a race so it’s almost always worth it to invest in some high quality racing gear if you race often.

Boosting the appropriate stats is also very important for a race horse. Since Star Stable is a full-fledged horse game, there are multitudes of different kinds of horse stats that players can level up to boost their horse’s performance in various different areas. However, if you race often then you need to make sure that you’re raising the stats necessary for boosting a horse’s speed and races and giving it more endurance. Consider putting points in the speed, swiftness and agility stats whenever you can and you’ll see a direct improvement in your horse’s performance during races.

One thing that we simply cannot emphasize enough is that you need to learn all the tracks by heart. Whenever you participate in a race keep your eyes on the track and look for any potential shortcuts that you can use to reach the finish line before your opponents. Almost all race tracks in Star Stable have a variety of different shortcuts but these are well hidden so you need to keep your eyes peeled at all times to see where they are.

Putting your horse through rigorous training sessions is also a sure fire way to see to directly improve its performance. The more you train your horse, the faster it will gain experience and therefore level up quicker and every time a horse levels up it gains a huge boost to its base statistics and you’re even given extra stat points that, as mentioned earlier, can be used to upgrade your horse’s speed. Therefore, whenever you have time to kill try to use that time to engage in a few practice sessions so that your horse can level up quickly and you can utilize the high level of your horse to your advantage come race time.

All said and done, if you’re struggling with races in Star Stable or just want to up your game even further, the aforementioned tips are sure to be of use. While on the subject of Star Stable, we recommend trying it out as it’s a very high quality game that delivers one of the most immersive experiences that this genre has to offer.

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