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Tips to Turn Your Horse Into a Champion

Rate this Article Everyone likes to be a winner, so here are some useful tips on how you can turn your horse into a champion race horse. Horse Games Online - Tips to Turn Your Horse Into a Champion

Breeding and rearing up a horse can be a very fulfilling experience. Watching your young gelding grow into a sturdy and good-looking mare or horse is similar to watching your beloved child grow from a kid into a dashing adult. With a horse on your farm, you can do anything with it – take it for rides, train it for events or turn it into a swashbuckling race horse that ensures great payouts!

All of these are simulated in games like Star Stable or iHorse Racing 2. These games are avenues through which you can experience the amazing life of a horse breeder or trainer, but without having to shell out the unfortunately exorbitant amounts of cash required to acquire even a gelding. With these games, you can do everything that trainers can do with live horses. All you need is just a computer and an Internet connection, and you’re well on your way to becoming a virtual horse breeder/trainer.

Okay, so back to racing. How do you make sure that your horse is one of the winning horses in every race that you join in? Here are some tips that you can make use of when you play virtual horse training simulators.

Take note of your horse’s statistics. These would include attributes like Speed, and Stamina. These two are the most important attributes that you need to train in your horse if you want it to become a champion. Speed, as you could tell from its name, is the burst of power that propels your horse forward. In some games, it’s called “Power” instead of Speed but you get the point. The better your horse’s Speed statistic is, the faster it’s going to be, thus raising your chances at winning the race!

However, speed is not the only governing statistic when it comes to horse races. Your horse, when exerting power, can expend its own energy and, thus, could feel tired at any time. If he or she has very high stamina, then it can sustain its speed for a longer period of time than horses with low stamina. Thus, this means that you have raise your horse’s stamina together with his speed as well.

Of course, there are ways that you can train these attributes of your horse and improve them to your benefit. It varies from game to game, but it usually involves running the horse around the track for varying amounts of time until it develops great speed and long lasting stamina.

You should also watch what you feed your horse when you’re about to race it. Don’t feed it stuff that can make it gain weight all of a sudden. Heavier horses will have difficulty breathing after running for a long period of time, as weight can negatively affect their stamina. Instead, feed it food that can boost its energy so it can sustain its amazing speed all throughout.

Last but not the least, make sure that you’re enrolling your horse in the correct category when racing. Each racing has different challenges, and some of these challenges might not be ideal for your horse at some point. You’ll need to train it to qualify for that category; forcibly enrolling it on a league beyond its means will be disastrous for your horse.

Simply follow these three simple tips, and you’ll find that your horse has become a champion in no time. Of course, that means great payouts of in-game cash for you as the trainer.

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