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Top 5 Adventure Horse Games of All Time on Mobile

Rate this Article If you’re a fan of playing adventure-based horse games on your phone, this article is definitely for you as we’ve picked out the five very best adventure horse games that we’ve had the pleasure of trying out. Horse Games Online - Top 5 Adventure Horse Games of All Time on Mobile

Out of all the different kinds of horse games available on mobile, adventure-based games are no doubt among the most immersive. There’s a certain charm to these games that make them hard to put down once you start playing and they usually come with lots of activities to keep players busy once they get hooked. Each individual game on this list perfectly captures what a high-end adventure horse game should be like and this is why they’ve all managed to grab a spot.

The following horse games are without a doubt the best adventure horse games currently available on mobile.

1: Horse Riding Tales

If you choose to try Horse Riding Tales out, you can expect a thoroughly captivating experience in which you will get to tame wild horses and ride them across the massive world, craft accessories for your horses, care for your horses and keep them happy at all times, participate in competitions and do a whole lot more. This is no doubt one of the best games of its kind and certainly worth checking out.

2: Star Stable Horses

Star Stable Horses is a renowned name in the horse game world as it’s incredibly popular and rightly so because it delivers highly engrossing gameplay through an intricately crafted world, tons upon tons of content and a whole lot more. Whether you want to explore the world on your horse, complete quests or interact with others in various ways, Star Stable Horses is a game that has you covered.

3: Horse Haven World Adventures

Out of all the games on this list, Horse Haven World Adventures is definitely one of the most feature packed options available. This is a phenomenal game in which you’ll get to setup entire horse ranches of your own, grow crops, acquire horses of various kinds and, once you have multiple horses, you can even send them on various kinds of competitions to see how well they fare against the best.

4: My Horse

My Horse is an exceptional game as it caters to both casual or competitive audiences. If you want a relaxed and laidback experience, there’s a lot to do like raising and caring for your horses and grooming them in various ways. If you’re a more competitive player, though, there are several events to participate in and these can be quite challenging so your experience should be quite intense.

5: HorseWorld: My Riding Horse

HorseWorld: My Riding Horse is an absolutely spectacular game as it gives players multitudes of ways through which players can care for their horse. The game also features a massive world and you’ll be free to explore it to your liking and preferences as you progress through the game. There are also lots of expertly designed tracks on which you can ride your horse and push it to the limits.

All said and done, players on the hunt for high-end adventure-based horse games on the mobile platform simply must give the aforementioned games a shot as they’re definitely the best in their category.

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