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Top 5 Horse Racing Games

Rate this Article Check out the great features of these 5 horse racing games. Horse Games Online - Top 5 Horse Racing Games

We understand that racing is one of the top reasons why virtual horse simulators are popular amongst gamers. In fact, some people play horse games just to race! There’s an excitement, definitely, in watching rider and horse pitting themselves against other teams in the track in vying for that no.1 spot in the winning circle.

So, here are five horse racing games that you might want to check out.

First, we have Digiturf. While the game has the same emphasis on horse training to take them to peak condition for races, it eschews the other games’ focus on horse breeds. If you’re fond of picking breeds, then you’ll be disappointed with this one. That’s because the game wants you to focus simply on training the horse for the big race, of which there is plenty in the game. Bet with in-game cash or even real money; take your pick, Digiturf has lots in store for you.

If you’re particular about breeds, then you’ll have a more positive experience with Horse Racing Park. Choose your first horse based on your preference for breed, age and behavior, among others, and you’re good to go. If you’re the competitive type and you love to show it, Horse Racing Park’s online leaderboards is a feature that you will definitely love. The only downside is that it is a text-based game, but the way the visuals are set up, you’ll find it easy to navigate and understand.

Another text-based game you might want to check out is Horse Race Game. There’s room for customization here, which means that you can actually make your horse look exactly the way you want it to be. There’s plenty of action going on here as well, with lots of race schedules to look at. Just in case you feel overwhelmed, the game does allow you to filter races according to your preferences so you can easily find those at which you think your horse has a good chance of winning.

For the mobile-based players, they can try iHorse Racing 2. This is an exciting horse racing game, complete with animated training and rearing sequences. Of course, you can watch your horse getting it on with the other horses in the racetrack. It’s like sitting there watching a real race, only that you’re doing it from your phone. iHorse Racing 2 also simulates the training quite nicely, and challenges you adequately by forcing you to mind what you’re feeding the equine or how you’re training it. It affects the horse’s stats, and stats are everything if you want to win in a race.

Last, but definitely not the least, is StableKing, where you can find all manners of race opportunities. Once you’ve gotten your hands on a horse, or a stable of them, you can pick from all sorts of races. There are even special races like a Group Monthly Race, a Festival Monthly Race and many others, all of which have their own special prizes of in-game cash and other bonuses for the players.

If you’re aching for some horse versus horse action and you don’t know where to go, check one of these five games out!

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