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Types of Horse Games

Rate this Article With so many horse games around, it is time we discussed the specific types of game that you can play. Horse Games Online - Types of Horse Games

When you begin to look for a horse game to play you are presented with a huge list of options and choices. We ourselves have a large selection of different horse games, but there are some general themes that run through many of them. In this article we will go over some of the types of horse games.

There are many aspects to horse games, but one of the nicest of these is the ability to take a horse for a ride. Not every game gives you the option to do so, but when you can some of the results can be spectacular. Many of the best riding games are presented with amazing 3D graphics.

Being able to ride around the world, either in jumping competitions or just for fun can be a big reason why people play a particular game, and some examples of the best riding games are things like Ride: Equestrian Simulation, Equiverse, Riding Club and My Horse Club.

There are also games that are dedicated to the racing side or horses. These games cover not only the actual races, but the training programs and stable management that come with it. From your starting foal you are able to train up a specialist horse that can run and win races for you.

Many of these game present the races in a different way, from a live 3D race to simply letting you know if you have won or lost, or where you finished. Some of the best horse racing games are Blazing Silks, Stallion Race and Hooves Of Fire.

But its not just racing that horses compete in, there are also showjumping, cross country and dressage events. There are some truly beautiful games that focus on raising, training and competing with your horses. Some specialise in 1 event while others cover multiple disciplines.

Once again many of these games allow you to ride the horse yourself in competitions with fantastic graphics and quality, while some others will compare your horses skills and declare a winner. Examples of these games include My Horse, Horse Eden and Ride: Equestrian Simulation.

One of the most in depth styles of horse game are those dedicated to the breeding of horses. These games tend to be a little less graphically stunning, but have some really fascinating and well designed breeding programs. With horse lineage having a direct effect on the horse you create.

Often with very lively horse markets and active forums you are able to breed some amazing real, or fantastical horses. Some of the best of these games are Horse Haven, Horzer and Equine Ranch.

These are just some of the options available to you in the wonderful world of Horse Games. From managing your own stables to capturing wild horses or socialising with friends in a relaxed riding environment. We have by no means covered every game that you can play, but we do hope that you have a game that you can call home.

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