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Unicorn Horse Games

Rate this Article There are a range of different horse games out there nowadays that aren’t just limited to normal horses and have included unicorns into their gameplay. This article will cover some of these games. Horse Games Online - Unicorn Horse Games

The concept of unicorns in horse games isn’t necessarily a far-fetched one as these creatures are quite similar to horses when it comes to design and general gameplay. One really good thing about implemented unicorns into the game is that it opens up a lot more gameplay options that would otherwise feel out of place when done with regular horses.

The games below have unicorns in them and are certainly able to bring to life these wonderful creatures. You can own, ride and play with your own Unicorns and then show them off to your friends too. Each of these games gives you this chance, and we are very pleased to bring them to you.

Aside from being one of the most realistic looking horse games, the Second Life has also managed to implement unicorns quite nicely into the gameplay. You’ll be able to get your own unicorns and then pretty much go crazy with them. They can be customized according to your likings and they look significantly prettier than your average horses.

Planet Horse is a game that pretty much lets you choose whether you want a normal horse or a unicorn. You can have a complete stable full of unicorns if you’d like and then you’re free to incorporate these unicorns into your gameplay however you please. There are a ton of available gameplay options such as exploring, participating in competitive events and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Roblox is a game that has a mostly fictional appearance when it comes to the graphic style so it’s not surprising at all that it has implemented unicorns into its standard gameplay. Although there aren’t any new gameplay mechanics specifically designed for unicorns, you’ll still be able to do whatever you’d normally do with regular horses such as the vast array of customization options.

Bella Sara is a horse game that’s already set in a semi-fictional world so it’s one of the first games that implemented unicorns into the gameplay. The unicorns in Bella Sara look absolutely beautiful on their own and can even be customized to look prettier on top of that. The best part of this game is that your unicorns can easily fly by default which makes the gameplay a lot more enjoyable and more fast paced as well since you won’t have to go by land whenever you need to reach a destination.

In Howrse you’re able to breed new kinds of unicorns and this is the feature that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd. Thanks to the in-depth breeding system you can easily become the owner of a wide array of different kinds of unicorns that each have a beautiful and unique look and can perform a variety of fun tasks.

IMVU is another game that mostly emphasizes on depicting reality within the game but it still didn’t shy away from implementing unicorns into the virtual world. There are a ton of available unicorns that you can get your hands on and each of these unicorns can perform any task that a standard horse can do and even more on top of that.

All the games above have done a great job of adding amazing unicorns into the standard gameplay which has given them a completely new layer of enjoyment. Try them out, we enjoyed them a lot and we hope that you have the same experience.

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