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Virtual Horse Riding Games

Rate this Article While there are lots of different horse games available, not all of them let you ride around, in this article we will go over some of the best riding games you can play. Horse Games Online - Virtual Horse Riding Games

In this article we will discuss some of the best horse games that allow you to go riding on your horse. There is a huge variety of games and not all of them will let you ride your horses in the world or in events. The games below will all give you that fantastic riding experience.

In My Horse you are able to choose and name your horse and then go riding, either in the paddocks or in competitions. Using professional tack and gear you can look and feel the part in stunning 3D graphics.

My Horse Club is a fabulous game that has a huge range of horses for you to choose from, you can own several different horses all with their own temperaments and skills. Once you have your stabled horses you can go riding and meet new friends as well as take part in special events.

Club Pony Pals is a game based on the much loved books by Jeanne Betancourt. Here you can meet the famous characters Pam, Anna and Lulu as well as ride around the wonderful town of Wiggins. You get to look after your own pony and there are lots of quests as you ride around town.

In Horse Isle you are able to explore the wonderful isles of Esrohs each with unique themes and special horses. You are able to catch your own wild horses, or purchase them from stables and even other players. You look down from above and you can ride anywhere you wish in this amazing game.

Ride: Equestrian Simulation is an amazing 3D riding experience. When you first play you can choose one of 3 disciplines and train yourself and your horses to compete in a huge number of competitions. From riding around the paddock to show jumping events the graphics of these game are truly spectacular.

Star Stable is a hugely popular horse game where you get to create your own look, and adventure in the world of Jorvik. There are lots of quests waiting for you and you can ride between all of them making new friends and finding fabulous horses. As well as being able to decorate your own house and stables.

Riding Club is a Facebook game where you are able to choose your horses and then train them in specific events. With almost all of the game spent on horseback you can win competitions or just ride for fun with your friends. With fantastic 3D effects and complete control in your hands you are in for a fun experience.

There is also Equiverse a huge game with many different things that you can do. From training your horse for events to breeding. Along the way you have the option to take your horses for rides in the countryside and there are games you can play along the route.

In each of these games you can take your horses out for a fun ride, or compete with them directly using your own skills and those that you train your horse in. While each game is different and great to play they all share that special ability to go out and explore with your horses.

As horse games become more and more beautiful to play and the technology increases there is a bright future for this wonderful style of game. We look forward to riding more horses in different worlds and competitions in the future, and we hope you will share these experiences with us.

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