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Virtual Vs. Real-Life Horse Racing Bets

Rate this Article Virtual and real-life horse racing deliver the same experiences but are rather different in a lot of ways. Let's compare them and check out their pros and cons: Horse Games Online - Virtual Vs. Real-Life Horse Racing Bets

With the ongoing pandemic, we cannot go out and need an activity that will entertain us and why not keep a positive attitude? For sports aficionados, sports betting is an alternative option as it is a combination of the emotions they feel when watching their favourite sports and the feelings they experience when gambling.

Today, despite the COVID-19 outbreak, real-life horse racing bets have always been attractive even under strict protocols. Nonetheless, the virtual versions have risen to become among the most popular. Among the frequent questions that sports race fans tend to ask is related to the comparison between virtual and real horse racing betting.

Virtual Horse Racing Betting

- Betting in a very convenient way
Betting on virtual horse racing is convenient and instantaneous as betting markets always open 24/7. Settling wagers is simple and quick in which you don't need to wait for race officials to examine the photo and tell the winner. Since online racebook is today on demand, the major betting sites offer the best horse racing thanks to modern technology with improved graphics creating a more realistic experience. For those who are in quest for the excitement and thrill with the convenience of being able to wager at their choice, they should opt for virtual horse racing betting.

- Fairness
The future of horse racing hinges on the digital version as fairness is also another advantage of wagering online. As a random number generator (RNG) software runs the results, you won't have to worry about corruption. When it comes to gambling-related problems, GamStop scheme is a solution in the horse and greyhound virtual races. This self-exclusion service helps every UK-based punter to remove the temptation of excessive gambling.

Once registering on GamStop, the gamblers will be banned from the licensed racing betting sites from 6 months to 5 years depending on their choice. But even with the presence of the self-exclusion service, some customers are looking for sites with horse racing bets not on GamStop and prefer them. All the licensed websites have joined this programme by allowing their customers to register and prohibit themselves on their chosen gambling websites.

- Limited bet types
One of the remarkable disadvantages of virtual horse racing betting is the limited bet types. In fact, despite a range of bet types provided by the horse racing betting sites, these stakes are limited compared with the real-life ones. With these restricted bet types, the punters are not, therefore, able to bet with the stakes of their choice.

Traditional Horse Racing Bets

- Real-life horse racing thrills are irreplaceable
Let’s admit that virtual racing cannot substitute for real-life horse racing thrills. Actually, horseracing dates back many centuries into Roman times. This entertaining activity has become a part of people’s lives and in the UK, horse racing is the second largest spectator sport translated on TV. This solid link between people and a racehorse is unique despite the amazing increase of the online versions. The excitement and the thrills from this old practice are incomparable in which every enthusiast is in a quest for.

- Many betting types to choose from
In real horse racing, the bettors have a large choice in terms of the number of bets they place. Since there are different types of bet appropriate on their budget, choosing the real horse racing bet is more interesting. With these unlimited bet categories, every gambler will be able to have fun and why not win a life-changing amount of money? In addition, the atmosphere in traditional horse racing is different from the online option with a captivating experience in which the entire family will take pleasure in.

- Limited period of time to bet
Unlike the virtual horse race, the classic horse race only happens once or twice a day or a month depending on the countries and the regions. The online variant evidently never stops meaning a freedom to enjoy it anytime and from anywhere. What's more, with this current pandemic, few horse racing tracks are operating which has impacted traditional horse racing fans.

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