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What Can We Expect from the The Ranch of Rivershine, an Upcoming Horse Game?

Rate this Article The Ranch of Rivershine demo is available, and here are some of the things you can do in-game. Horse Games Online - What Can We Expect from the The Ranch of Rivershine, an Upcoming Horse Game?

The Ranch of Rivershine Demo is out. Now is your chance to find out if being a horse girl is in you. This demonstration covers much of the game basics to help you decide if being a keyboard equestrian is up your alley.

What to expect in the game? While there’s a lot to do, let’s center on some of the mechanics that will affect your mounted gameplay.

Customizable avatars

Character Customization

Many well-loved horse sim games and ranch-builders limit you to a default character appearance. You may be a little luckier that you can choose between a male and female representation in-game. The Ranch of Rivershine lets you choose from a wide number of facial, body, and fashion presets to personalize how you want to look in the game. Whether you want your avatar to be the closest representation of you or be someone completely different, that look is definitely possible.

Horse auction

We are used to the default format in several horse games of starting out with an inferior horse and swapping it with a better steed the farther we progress in the game. The Ranch of Rivershine’s playing demo lets you choose a horse according to what kind of stat growth you think is perfect for your playing style. Make sure to pick the ones with the best Potential: your horse’s performance boosts depend on how much it could gain when leveling up.

Horse training

Your Career Horse

Everything you do in the game with your horse is a training event! Turns, jumps, and even simple walking can improve your horse’s parameters. You can further improve your gains by setting up obstacles in your training arenas designed to give the rider and horse things to work on.

Map-based gameplay

This is kind of close to an open-world system used in several adventure games. The world map is divided into sections where you can move around from one area to the next. There are places that can only be unlocked once the full game is released, but the demo prepares you well on what to expect. Most places require you to be on horseback to get around, but you can dismount and walk with your horse on a lead. There will be map areas where you would have to leave your trusty buddy behind.

Questing system

Quests and World Gameplay

You’ll be interacting with locals from Rivershine Town and beyond. You can get quests by simply talking to the townsfolk. There’s also a quest board on certain areas where you can There’s a lot to do on a day-to-day basis. Save your progress by ending the day and going to sleep.

User-friendly care and maintenance menus

Your Horse in the stables

Settling your horse in the stables brings out a user-friendly menu to tend to it. Feed, groom, and drape your show jumper with unlocked food and equipment items. You can also bring out your horse to pasture and let it move around to further improve its potential. Freely running around with your steed is possible.

Simple controls

Not comfortable with horses that you need to drive around? This game has an answer to that. Keyboard commands are assigned for specific actions. You can ride around, and choose the pacing your horse will move around in by toggling the W and S keys. Did you forget a function? All you have to do is look at the bottom right of your screen to be reminded of them. You can also check out both player and horse information by pressing their assigned buttons.

Did this get you interested? Give the demo a try and experience it yourself.

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