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What Makes Planet Horse A Success?

Rate this Article There are exceptional attributes that made Planet Horse a success among virtual horse breeders. Horse Games Online - What Makes Planet Horse A Success?

The answer to this question is: Planet Horse simply has a lot of great stuff to offer its players.

Foremost amongst these features is the game’s three-dimensional design. It has an MMORPG feel to it, because you’re treated to a second-person camera perspective. You can move around on three dimensions, a feature that’s rare for games like these. Planet Horse is one of those rare games with this feature, and this alone definitely makes the game worth checking out.

Bear in mind that, while it feels and looks like an MMORPG, it’s actually just a horse trainer simulator. Don’t expect Player vs Player battles. How would you battle other equestrians anyway? Racing perhaps is the only thing that the game comes close to PvP, but it doesn’t involve trying to hack and slash another player out of the game.

3D, of course, is not the only defining point of Planet Horse. Another attribute that made it successful among the dedicated fans of horse training games is its realistic approach to training a horse. For instance, if you’re taking your horse out for a ride to train its endurance, you’ll have to deal with the animal’s limited stamina. This is represented by a number of carrots at the side of the screen. The premise is simple. While you’re riding your horse, the carrots start to deplete. When they are all gone, it means that the animal is tired and needs to rest. Thus, the ride ends and you and the horse head home.

Riding, of course, is not the only means for you to train your horse in Planet Horse. There are other events that you can participate in. As your horse gains experience, it also gains increases in its three attributes: Stamina, Speed and Jumping. You, as the trainer, also gains levels as well, which unlocks new skills for yourself and your faithful horse.

The game also provides motivation for people to keep on riding their horses every day. Rides allow you to collect coins, which represent the game’s currency. This means that, the more you ride, the more coins you can collect and use for the microtransactions in the game. For example, you can use coins to purchase new equipment for your horse.

Who wouldn’t love the landscapes in the game? The game’s high resolution and three-dimensional design results to beautifully rendered landscapes that you’ll definitely want to ride through. Players will not run out of places to ride in because, the more rides a person takes with his or her horse, the more places get unlocked so you have a lot of options when it comes to places to explore.

Planet Horse is a game that requires you to make a purchase, but the price you pay is definitely worth the quality that you get from the game. If you’re unsure, Big Fish Games gives you an hour’s worth of free play before you have to make a decision whether or not to purchase Planet Horse.

Have a good time training your horse!

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