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What Makes Star Stable a Success?

Rate this Article Star Stable is without a doubt one of the most, if not the most, complete and renowned horse games out there. There are many reasons this game is considered such a top tier one and in this article we’ll be breaking it down and analyzing the things that make this game so great. Horse Games Online - What Makes Star Stable a Success?

The main thing that makes Star Stable stand out head and shoulders above the crowd is the fact that it’s immaculate on a technical level. If you’ve played this game before then you’ll know that the amount of bugs/glitches in this game is close to zero. The developers have done an excellent job of ironing out any issues that it had at the time of release and as of right now it’s at a near flawless state. This level of finesse on the technical level makes sure that players enjoy a smooth experience.

Unlike most other horse games that tend to pigeonhole themselves towards a specific nature, Star Stable is a game that caters towards both competitive and casual audiences. There are many events that competitive players can participate in but alongside this there are lots of ways for the casual audience to enjoy the game as well. These facts alone help attract a pretty wide playerbase to the game.

Speaking of playerbase, Star Stable has a pretty massive community backing it up. The thing about this community is that it isn’t just massive but it’s also dedicated. The game is filled with many veteran players who have enjoyed it for the years that it’s been active and have provided the developers with really helpful advice that have allowed them to improve the game in various ways. The presence of veterans is also great because these players can help the newcomers with the basics which in turn makes the newcomers want to stay and enjoy the game.

No game can be successful if it keeps using the same stuff over and over again and Star Stable recognizes this fact. It’s one of the few horse games out there that enjoys updates on a regular basis. The developers have made sure that the game always stays fresh for the players by constantly adding new content for all to enjoy. Alongside this the game also sees a lot of events depending upon the time of the year like Christmas events or Halloween events which are enjoyed quite a bit by the players since these events often come with some pretty heavy incentives and rewards.

Last but certainly not least, the game just looks straight up gorgeous. The horses look fantastic, the game world is full of brilliant sights to see, the animations are stunning and overall there’s just a lot of eye candy scattered throughout the game for the audience to enjoy. Good graphics are certainly important for every game and calling Star Stable’s graphics good would be a pretty big understatement.

All said and done, the reasons mentioned above only begin to define why Star Stable is such a top tier game. Needless to say, we recommend trying it out because it’ll be more than worth your while.

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