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Why Equestria Girls is so Much Fun

Rate this Article Equestria Girls is a game that’s caught the hearts of many players across the world because of how much fun it is to play and here we’ll be analyzing why this is the case. Horse Games Online - Why Equestria Girls is so Much Fun

Equestria Girls was released back in 2015 and, ever since then, it’s been on an upward trajectory and its grown has never shown signs of slowing down. The biggest reason for the game’s popularity is, of course, the fact that it’s a treat to play and the following is an in-depth analysis of all the different characteristics that make this game such a delight to play.

1: Multitudes of customization options.

In Equestria Girls, players get to control their very own avatar and one of the best things about this game is the fact that it gives players full control over the appearance of their avatars. You’ll be able to customize a variety of things such as hair and clothing and, alongside this, you will even be able to purchase many different kinds of accessories for your avatar through which you can elevate how great it looks.

2: An enormous game world.

The game world of Equestria Girls is definitely among its biggest highlights because it is absolutely massive and players have complete freedom to explore it at their own pace. Throughout the game world, there are many amazing sights for you to see and this is one of the main reasons why this game is such a delight to play. Whenever you’re bored and can’t really think of anything else to do in the game, you can simply head out and start exploring it and you’re sure to find something new that you haven’t seen before.

3: Multiple kinds of mini-games to enjoy.

One thing that’s constantly attracted new players to Equestria Girls and made sure that current players never stop playing is the enormous variety of mini-games that the game has to offer. Throughout your journey in Equestria Girls, you’ll be able to enjoy multiple kinds of mini-games that will provide you with an engaging experience and a nice change of pace from the usual gameplay. The variety of mini-games is nothing short of incredible and new mini-games are often added through updates as well.

4: Daily rewards.

Something that we like quite a lot about Equestria Girls is the fact that it rewards players who dedicate time to the game and return to it on a daily basis. There’s a great daily rewards system that gives players rewards whenever they log onto the game for the first time in a day and these rewards actually keep increasing with each consecutive day that the players log on.

All said and done, the aforementioned reasons are why we believe that Equestria Girls is one of the most fun games of its kind. If you haven’t played the game already then it’s definitely a wise choice to try it out because of how enjoyable it can be.

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