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Why Horse Riding Tales is Currently the Best Horse Racing Game on Mobile?

Rate this Article Horse Riding Tales is no doubt considered one of the best, if not the best, horse racing games on the mobile platform currently and, in this article, we’ll be analyzing why this is the case. Horse Games Online - Why Horse Riding Tales is Currently the Best Horse Racing Game on Mobile?

Horse Riding Tales, ever since its initial release, is a game that’s constantly kept on growing in popularity and, rightly so, because it’s a truly fantastic game that offers what is perhaps the most complete horse racing experience that players can get on the mobile platform. There’s a lot to like about this game and the following are the key reasons why we think it currently stands as the best games of its kind on mobile devices.

1: Massive World for Players to Explore

No doubt one of the absolute biggest highlights of Horse Riding Tales is the fact that it features one of the most immersive worlds we’ve experienced in a horse racing game. The game world in Horse Riding Tales is filled to the brim with tons upon tons of delightful sights and you’ll be allowed to explore it to your heart’s content which is something that you definitely can’t do in a lot of traditional horse racing games.

2: Creative Story Elements

Horse Riding Tales is among the few horse racing games out there to feature actual story elements for players to pursue alongside the usual horse racing gameplay. The game features mysteries inspired by mythical horses like Unicorns for players to uncover and these are definitely a welcome addition on top of the traditional horse racing gameplay as they give players something else to keep busy with when they don’t necessarily feel like entering races.

3: Incredibly Thorough Horse Care

Horse Riding Tales is a game in which you’ll be able to care for your horse in various different ways such as by ensuring that it’s well fed at all times, in a good mood and also by purchasing and equipping new accessories such as horse shoes. This game definitely features the most thorough and in-depth horse care features that we’ve come across in a horse racing games and these certainly give it a major edge over the rest.

4: Lots of Events

Any truly worthwhile horse racing game needs to have a wide variety of events for players to participate in and Horse Riding Tales doesn’t disappoint at all when it comes to this particular aspect as it’s simply loaded with events for players to test their skills in. Whether it’s racing, jumping or some other competition, you can be certain that Horse Riding Tales is a game that’ll let you participate in it.

5: In-depth Crafting System

In a lot of traditional horse racing games, players usually have to save up currency to buy in-game items for their horses but, thankfully, Horse Riding Tales takes a different approach with its intricate crafting system. This system will allow you to craft various accessories and items for your horse without having to save up massive amounts of currency and this makes acquiring item feels like much less of a grind and more of a process that actually feels satisfying to go through.

All said and done, Horse Riding Tales is no doubt one of the best horse racing games on the mobile platform currently and the aforementioned reasons are just the tip of the iceberg regarding what makes this game so worthwhile. Needless to say, we recommend trying this game out whenever you get the chance as it truly is a step above the rest.

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