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Why I Play Horse Games

Rate this Article Horse Games have been with us for a long time, and they continue to be popular, in this article I will discuss some of the reasons why I play these amazing games. Horse Games Online - Why I Play Horse Games

By Aveyn Toh

Despite its popularity, horse games are still considered a niche in the gaming sector. Not many people know about and not many people play it, but for horse lovers throughout the world, this is probably the only game they truly enjoy!

Being a horse-lover myself, I long to experience the joys of caring for a horse. This is the main reason that drove me to play horse games. In these games, I can learn how to take care of a horse, give it treats, train it and ride it. There are games that provide fantastical horses like Pegasus or other types of chimeric horses too, giving the games themselves some boosted appeal.

Some games even allow you to dress the horses up for horse shows and let you to brag about your horse. How well you've looked after the horse, trained it and reared it will reflect your ability as a good horse owner. This sort of experience is not really easily available to everybody no matter whether you live in the city or at the countryside. To be able to virtually experience taking care one of the most majestic creatures is pretty much enjoyable for the average horse lover.

Being an avid fan of horses, I often look for horse games with good graphics, doesn't matter if it is in a realistic way or a cartoony way. Graphics are especially important if the game allows you to virtually ride your horse around the countryside or along the beach yourself! If the graphics are not good, you won’t be able to feel the way those people in movies do when they ride like the wind, right? You’ll need to have at least scenery that are pleasant to look at as your horse trots or gallops its way across the beautiful landscape.

Furthermore, I love that horse games also provide a competitive edge to its casual gaming style in the form of horse racing! It is called the sport of kings for a reason, horse racing is a heart-stopping, gut-wrenching and table-flipping experience! Instead of the ear-splitting zoom of a race car, you get to hear the thundering gallops of racehorses all vying for the winning spot.

By playing horse games that provide horse racing, you’ll get to feel the rush of horse racing from the comfort of your home! Some games even let you race your own horses! The best part for these sorts of games is since you’re the jockey, instead of having to cheer for your horse from the side-lines, you get to actually win the race! Nothing beats the feeling of winning at the race tracks with your favorite horse virtually by your side.

Finally, another major reason I play horse games is because I get to talk about everything ‘horsey’ with fellow horse-lovers around the world. You can talk about which breed is best for which type of races, your favorite horse breeds, how to best get a foal with racing potential and many others. Chatting with other players who ‘gets it’ about horses is one of the simpler joys of playing horse games. They are pretty pleasant folks too! Some of them might even trade you some of their better breeds to give you a good start in the game.

In a nutshell, horse games provide me the enjoyment of rearing a horse without actually needing to handle the mess. They also provide adrenaline-pumping horse races along with some idyllic riding across breath-taking grass plains or beaches. And of course, if you’re a horse lover, you won’t even need any reasons to play horse games, you would play them just so you could drool over the beautiful and majestic horses!

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